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    • Feb 18, 2018
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    Auroma Brewing

    Incompetent or criminal?

    With the severe lack of communication from these people, it’s really hard to tell, but for now, I’m still giving them the benefit of the doubt...just.

    I ordered in June 2017 from their newly-branded Orenda website, at which time the anticipated delivery was September. Like everyone else, I’ve yet to see any sign that any machine has been delivered to their US warehouse, let alone to any customers.

    Communications are haphazard and increasingly incoherent. I think people are prepared to cut you a lot of slack if you’re young and creating a new product with a new company, but you have to be honest. It seems plausible that they’ve met with lots of problems and delays, but they don’t effectively communicate any of that. The focus totally on their marketing vision which only creates a stronger impression that there’s something fundamentally wrong here.

    I’m not quite in the scam/vaporware camp yet, but the signs are worrying.

    Definitely DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT until you can verify that it exists and has been delivered to customers.

    (See also: Facebook group — Auroma "customers.")

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 27, 2018
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    Orenda Coffee

    Don’t buy it yet!

    I ordered in June 2017 (for delivery in September) from their website, which didn’t make their Kickstarter origins or the unfinished state of the product clear at all. Now in March 2018, the first units have been finally delivered in the US, but it will take at least another month before I hear anything. The reviews so far are not good.

    The app, a centerpiece of their marketing, still hasn’t been released despite the 21st of March deadline and there has (as usual) been little to no communication.

    It seems that, out of the box, the machine has one recipe pre-programmed, but it may not be the same one for each machine. The most common experience seems to be a grind/brew time of 6 minutes for the lucky and 12 minutes for the unlucky. During this procedure, water seems to be recirculated from the bottom of the brewer to a secondary outlet at the top, which seems more like old-fashioned percolation than any kind of modern coffee-making. Perhaps it’s some kind of a cold brew technique, but we can only guess as the company has been completely silent. Many people have found the end result lukewarm. Some have found the coffee OK, some nice, some undrinkable. Variable taste or variable hardware?

    The grinder also can shoot grounds out the side of the machine, and when dispensing coffee into a cup at the end, some coffee can also end up on your counter.

    One person has reported leaking, and one person has got shocks from the machine. Statistically, this might not be worrying, but the lack of a clear response is.

    None of this sounds like the high-quality product we were promised.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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