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    • Feb 20, 2018
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    Great content, but limited

    Overall Experience:

    Viral Academy Review: I liked the course. However, it could be better.

    Pros: The main course is very in-depth, and there is no way you can't understand what they are talking about. Everything is explained in plain English. Additionally, I like how there is a Bootcamp, which, if you go through it, you will succeed because it makes you get up and DO the work. Once you have gone through the Bootcamp, you can then receive review points that you can earn if you review another student's video and in return, you can receive feedback on yours.

    The Bootcamp is a great system that gets the Viral Academy community to work with each other and help each other succeed through a system that allows them to provide value to each other and receive value back. I think they should do the same with AIM but instead of getting feedback on their course material (essentially getting information and courses for free), Jumpcut should create a Bootcamp for receiving feedback on out VSL's instead.

    I also love the community forum that is built into the members' area. It is set up so well, which makes it easier to find information and helps to avoid repeat information from being posted. However, it is a shame that the Automated Income Machine course doesn't have this feature and we only get a Facebook group that is somewhat annoying to go through because it is not set up into categories (and can't be set up) like the members' area forum inside of Viral Academy.

    I also love the idea of the worksheets, it makes you do the work. Additionally, a pro that AIM has that VA doesn't, is bonus videos that walk you through and pretty much do the worksheets with you, so that you don't get lost or confused.

    Cons: I wasn't happy with some of the bonus videos, especially the YouTube Musician one that is pretty useless actually, and if I were to give it a star rating, it would be a 1 star. Why? Well, because it only tells you to record and upload covers of songs that are relevant to the time, so that you will get more views because people will essentially be looking for these songs. This information is kind of self-explanatory and can easily be found online. Additionally, what if you were a DJ or a Producer? The information is then completely useless to these people.

    I also wasn't happy with the marketing content. There is minimal marketing material in VA compared to AIM. Which is a big let down, because marketing is a HUGE factor. However, I loved the Facebook Growth Hacks marketing video. It was hilarious and got me hooked straight away, but it was limited to Facebook.

    I also wasn't happy about the fact that there is zero course material on video editing when its a course about becoming successful on YouTube? And I know there are hundreds of video editing tutorials on YouTube but I specifically enrolled in the course because I wanted to know what Jesse and Kong does. As their videos (especially their VSL's) are edited very professionally; and since this is a step-by-step course, video editing should be apart of it.

    Overall, it is a pretty average course. However, I would recommend this to someone that literally has no clue what they are doing on YouTube or are trying to start and have no clue where to start. Additionally, it is also for someone who already has a YouTube channel but they want to take it to the next level, or they are struggling to grow and they need some guidance.

    This is not a course for anyone looking for a "done for you" YouTube channel or a get rich quick scheme.

    Star rating out of 5: 3 stars, average. The course could be a lot better.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 16, 2018

      Company Response from Jumpcut

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks for your review of Jumpcut! We appreciate your honest feedback and would like to address some of the points you brought up.

      First off, thanks for going very in-depth in your review. The idea to make walkthroughs for Viral Academy is a really good one and definitely one we’ll try implementing.

      About the Facebook group for AIM: We are working on a feature that will supplement the FB group and be much more organized + better for collaboration. No ETA, but know that it’s coming!

      About the music course: You are right. The course is not a catch-all, in-depth course on musician-specific YouTube content, but that is because that course was supposed to be extra information. The main lessons from Viral Academy about the Remix Strategy and Infotainment are what will drive your success, even if you were a musician. We still have success stories like Imaginary Ambition (DJ), Riffshop, Aryia and BenWonder (DJ) in the music niche despite that because they took the Remix Strategy to heart.

      About teaching marketing in Viral Academy: We do cover marketing and teach the same strategies that built Simple Pickup to over 2.7M subscribers. It's the combination of viral content (great content) plus a "little" push on the marketing side of things to blow up into a big channel. You only should be using a little marketing to get the ball rolling like Aryia talks about in his blog strategy video. Jesse Mentions this same point in an interview: https://youtu.be/Q15QQQnhVAI?t=5m27s

      Essentially, if your content sucks, no amount of promotion will help you.

      About editing: The truth is the editing that Kong and Jesse have had to do for Simple Pickup was very simple (no pun intended) and they haven’t been doing anything “unique” that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Editing also varies a lot depending on what kind of content someone is making, so it’s hard to cover all the different types. With that said, we totally understand why you’d want to learn from Jesse and Kong anyways, so you can have a true all-in-one experience. We’ll try to see how we can best bring that to fruition in future iterations of the course.

      We hope that helps clear things up a bit. We still really appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts and will look to use them as we improve for the future. If you do have any other thoughts, do send them our way!


      Jumpcut Team

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