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    • Sep 22, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    You CAN put them out of business

    I had AHS for almost two years before I needed to file a claim. I'll spare you the details, because my story is no different from any other one-star review here.

    My story is no different, but the outcome was NOT what AHS was expecting.

    I didn't bother writing an online review. I documented every phone call, the name of the CS rep I spoke with on each of four calls, the date, time and length of each call, and printed out hard copies of two email exchanges.

    I sent copies of everything to the Indiana Department of Insurance, along with my official complaint.

    Five days later, I received a phone call (showed "Memphis Call" on CID) from a guy who spoke perfect English with a slight southern drawl.

    "What's this complaint about? Of course we'll issue your complete refund! All you had to do was to ask! We'll send your check as soon as you withdraw your complaint."

    Uh-uh. Ain't gonna happen. I'm not withdrawing anything. YOU made those promises, YOU reneged on those promises and now you'll have to answer for denying me the coverage I paid for in good faith.

    I received my refund check, in the full amount, about a week later.

    Not only were they forced to return all of my money, they also had to pay a fine to the state, write a detailed response outlining how they would rectify my complaint and what policies they'll implement to prevent future complaints similar to mine.

    They also had their non-resident insurance license (to sell in Indiana) put into a probationary status for six months. That means the Indiana Department of Insurance will watch them like a hawk for a while to make sure their business practices comply with Indiana insurance laws. They also must file monthly reports during their probation, and that report must include ALL complaints they've received during that month, and what action AHS took to rectify those complaints.

    Writing online reviews might make you feel a little better, but AHS doesn't care about those reviews. People tend to believe the old adage, "If it wasn't true, they couldn't put it on television." Most folks believe what they see and hear on AHS commercials, and they don't write their complaints until their claim has been denied for some bogus reason.

    File your complaints with your state's department of insurance. Document everything - every call, every check you write to them, the names of the contractors and what they did (or failed to do) when they arrived, names of CS reps you've spoken with (along with the date and time of each call), EVERYTHING.

    When your state receives enough complaints about this company, they'll pull AHS's license to sell insurance in your state.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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