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    • Feb 25, 2018
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    I'm back in love with music

    I've had my Nuraphones for five days now and I'm still on my journey of rediscovering the music I've been listening to for years and, music that I've produced and mixed myself. And the extraordinary thing about these headphones is that they continue to reveal detail I hadn't noticed before, and, even in the music I've created, sounds and effects I'd forgotten were there or missed completely while mixing are revealed. I've become addicted to listening to music with these headphones. I'm listening to new music and adding tracks to my playlists that I wouldn't have considered before... check out Bump (or anything else) by Yosi Horikawa on these headphones... Wow!

    I have owned loads of headphones and currently have half a dozen in my collection, Beyerdynamic, Bose, Grado, Hifiman, KRK, Sennheiser, all of them over-ear or on-ear headphones. I don't get on with in-ear headphones. But with the Nuraphones, that's all changed. Although after about 2-3 hours of listening I feel my ears could do with a break, but then I'm wanting to ride through any discomfort, like an athlete running off cramp, because I just want to hear the next track, and the next.

    I love the sound of these headphones. The separation between the bass and the mids and highs is superb. There appears to be no phase distortion whatsoever, even when playing back at very loud volumes. At this point I should mention the "immersive" feature. This is where you have control over the bass. The settings start at 'gentle' with small enough stepped increments through 'normal' to the max setting 'front row'. I tend to have mine set to a little below normal, where, for my hearing profile, I get a solid, deep and tight bass. The experience when you push the bass through normal towards front row is crazy. Not only do you hear more bass, but you feel the vibrations massage your ears – your scalp/head becomes a conduit for the bass. But even at lower settings, you still have the impression that the bass is a physical experience. I love the bass from the Nuraphones. Truly, madly, deeply.

    Because the Nuraphones sound so good I want to listen to everything loud – but what's surprising for me is that my ears don't get fatigued by it. And when I take the headphones off after a prolonged listening session, my ears aren't ringing nor do they seem reduced in sensitivity... Now, that's remarkable. I'm figuring that when the Nuraphones are calibrating for your hearing, the frequencies that you are sensitive to are attenuated so the result is that you're not being assaulted by them when listening to things loud. And the frequencies that your ears are deaf to are lifted so that you're hearing the sound as intended. All this means you can listen to music louder for longer because the sound is balanced – your ears aren't buckling or distorting. Well, at least this is my experience, my perception, my opinion.

    So, the quality of the sound from the Nuraphones is right up there. They're the best sounding headphones I own, they're the best I've ever had the immense pleasure to listen to.

    Now to the app. Hmmm... It could be improved. Look, I loved the way it all began, when, as a new user, you first put on the headphones and then a voice (a nice voice, too) guides you through the process of getting your hearing profile set up. It was seamless. Very Apple-like. But once you're done with the set up and you get into daily use, the app kinda gets in the way... and you have to have it launched if you want to change the immersive setting. Occasionally, when launching the app, it doesn't see the headphones and defaults to the new user set up journey. Or if the app is already open and you're putting the headphones back on your head after a break, the app doesn't recognise that you're back. The headphones do... "Welcome back, Franco" the nice voice says. If you had the immersive page up in the app, you have to close it, allow the app to wake up (it is quick, admittedly) but then you've got to wait while it connects to the Nura server, then you're back in, and you can go back to the immersive page and play at your leisure. To be honest, the apps quirks I can live with easily because the overall experience with these headphones is magical. I think they look really cool too. Understated quality. And, I can't overstate how good the sound is.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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