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    • Mar 4, 2018
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    Extremely disappointed with the entire process!

    There was a long wait that was pumped up by Mr. Roman. Promise after promise, and people who invested in the Kortex waited for months after the "launch" date. When I questioned Mr. Roman about the delay and told him it could appear they were hyping their product promising a delivery date that never came, he became irate (like I caught his hand in the cookie jar). There was no talking to him, and he promptly offered a refund- the most unprofessional exchange I had ever had with a businessman. I can tell you my experience with Chip was 100% different.

    They advertised the device with a VR, and when you open the package, it's clear that's not the case. Why didn't they advertise the device as it is? Most if not all of their advertising illustrates this, and I'm sure in the fine print if there is a note about whats not included, but I didn't think I had to look for that. They don't advertise the Fisher device with headphones and an MP3 player, but that how it can be used.

    I have to question the efficacy of their studies. One of their studies was conducted in a residential treatment center, and at one point when some of the non-study clients saw what was happening with the study participants they joined in. People in treatment do not offer the best-controlled study participant. The power of suggestions is significant when clients can sit around and talk about the great experience they had, especially with the group that was not receiving care. How do you know the care they were receiving in treatment accounted for the improvement?

    A legitimate study will use a control group NOT influenced by other factors. For example, the study should have been between people at home who are best matched and not using the device, and people at home who are best matched that do use the device. Each person would have received the same instructions and have been monitored the same. Research 101.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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