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    • Mar 6, 2018
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    Crank Chop

    Crank Chop - works quite well but some caveats.

    I saw the infomercial and then went to Amazon to check it out; it had gotten good reviews. I ordered through Amazon Prime (best price was about $22, no additional shipping).

    I really like it, but there are a few caveats. It is easy to cut a finger when you remove the 3-blade center. Even though there is the stem, portions of the blade stick out (which I didn't notice, not that obvious), and my first experience out of the box was a cut finger (not a bad cut).

    The second caveat is that if you don't hold the top down on the container (hold it together firmly on the countertop) and pull the string out quite far, the top can come flying off (no injury problem, but can be messy), and the centerpiece has to be put back on the portion that turns it (no big deal).

    I saw others advertised, some with larger containers (best to use a 2-cup version as this is because you will have problems otherwise in having all the food pieces chopped or pureed). The thing is that this brand got consistent high reviews.

    I am using mine daily, like another reviewer, however. I too never saw any way to get the deluxe version, which I'd prefer because the blades would probably last longer. If I find a way to get it, I will do so. I really don't want to be without one of these, and having a backup unit I feel is a good idea.

    I also feel it would make a good gift, but I do wish there were a few improvements:

    1. A holder for the cutting unit so that you'd never have to touch it, even while cleaning, you have to be very careful.

    2. Tungsten blades for durability.

    3. A way to remove dull blades and replace them (like razor blades).

    Another advantage would be a lock to keep the container closed while you're using the device so that the top won't fly off.

    Having something like this which is NOT electric is my preference; I am also searching for the "perfect" grain grinder that will have both electric and manual modes (haven't seen anything good enough).

    When we go on vacation I always have some cooking facilities in the motel rooms, and this is perfect to take along.

    The main reason I went to Amazon to check it out was that most As Seen On TV items are junk and so I was hoping to see better alternatives provided. Again, as said above, this seemed to come out best.

    I've used this every day since I've received it (five times).

    I am a purist, so I do wish there was a version that offered a glass container and lid, or at least the container part. I can always transfer food to a glass jar after processing.

    One last thing: you might have to experiment a bit about food placement before you start to pull the string as the blades need room in order to rotate. You'll catch on pretty quickly, however.

    Hope this helps.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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