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    • Mar 9, 2018
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    Overall Experience:

    There are a few inaccuracies in the above article that should be pointed out. I've been with the program for about six months now so I can explain at least some of the things that are inaccurate:

    1. "Short Sales Galore:" Maybe this article was written during the downturn in the market when Phil and his Apprentices were doing short sales? A whole lot has changed in the marketplace since then. I haven't heard of any short sale deals being done in listening to what others in the program are doing since I have been in it.

    2. "Seminars with Rich Dad:" I asked Phil about this because I am a Rich Dad Poor Dad fan and he said Kiyosaki asked him to speak at a symposium back in 2011 and it was in front of a 3,000+ crowd of people in Las Vegas and Phil was already in Vegas visiting family so he agreed to do it. To the best of my knowledge though, he doesn’t ever do seminars. He even has a video speaking out against them! He does do a once-a-year event for his Apprentices to get together, hang out with him and his team, but he also live streams it for people who can't make it because he would rather people save the money on the travel, hotel, restaurants, and invest that money in doing more deals. So I wouldn't consider the yearly Mastery event a seminar.

    3. "Insiders View:" If you want an insiders view of the program, I see where others in the program have made comments on this page below. Read those. And do more research like I did before I joined. Lots of truth out there about this program if you dig.

    4. "Steep Price:" If you think the cost of the best mentor on real estate investing is expensive, try the cost of trying to tackle this business on your own! Real estate is a dog-eat-dog cutthroat business. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you'll get chewed up and spit out. Happened to my cousin. She lost her shirt!

    5. "Unanswered Questions:" If you have any questions, just ask the director before you join. I drilled him with questions before I joined. As for the selection process, I think it is for real. Someone from my work applied after me that lives in the same town as me, and they were denied because I was already in the program. And that person really wanted in.

    6. "Mixed Reputation:" I don't think it's mixed. It seems to me that you have the people that are in the program that love it and the people who couldn't or didn't get in that get frustrated for not getting in and they mouth off.

    My Bottom Line: Phil is the real deal. His program is terrific. If you are broke though, probably not the program for you. It is a significant amount of money upfront to join, it is your own business so you will have additional costs; but if you are serious about being successful in real estate and you are realistic in your expectations that its not easy and takes effort, this program works and you won't find a better mentoring team. And once you do a deal or two, you pay back all you invested, and the rest is pure profit. I hit my "break even" about five months into it and am all profit these days. Compare that to what I paid for my college education, and I am still paying back those stupid student loans!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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