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    • Mar 10, 2018
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    Bell + Howell microBite

    Bell + Howell hit a home run with these little lights

    Yeah, this is a cheap piece of plastic with a low-off-high switch on one side. The LEDs are probably in series, parallel with one or two resisters on the board limiting current flow so as not to exceed the LED capacity.

    This reviewer may know a thing or two about Bell + Howell durability, but with only one switch as a moving part, and with toddlers playing with my 9v flashlights regularly (I purchased them with the toddlers in mind, I don't want them playing with our larger flashlights), I give kudos to Bell + Howell for durability.

    I can say what Lumen output or feet of penetration these things provide; it is enough to see under the car seat, bright enough to find the correct orientation of the house key, keeps my toddler focused when we roll the trash bins to the street, and helps with detail work when the living room lamps are inadequate.

    Would I use these to look for something lost on the floor? Well, yes, we have, and as long as you are within 3-4 feet of a small object, you can see it, just put the light on the floor and shine it in the direction you heard it fall. Anything larger than a nickel that isn't the same color as the floor you should be able to see without it, but if you are looking for a sewing pin or the pin from a watch band (or worst, the tiny screw from a laptop hard drive cover), this little light might make your day. It has mine in all three situations.

    I'm writing this review on the laptop where the HDD bracket screw is residing. Bell + Howell may make cheap products, but this one works for a small pocket flashlight, definitely better than a candle!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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