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    • Mar 12, 2018
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    Spray Perfect

    Dangerous to lungs - wear a face mask

    This is not just a waste of your money, but hazardous to your health. They should tell you it is spray paint and you should only use outside and probably wear a face mask as well. It does take quite a lot longer than standard polish as you have to do the base coat, then try to get an even coat of Spray Perfect. I had to keep shaking the can, or I got areas with no color. I ended up going over each nail about three times to get an even coat. When you have this, it is a dry, powdery looking finish. It took three coats of top coat to get a glossy finish.

    The next morning I could barely walk. I had inhaled those chemicals, and my lungs were inflamed. I have COPD, so I guess I was the fool for not knowing better. It has been a week, and I am still using my rescue inhaler five times a day and on antibiotics on top. My lungs are not burning much today though. It has been a terrifying week that I would not wish on anyone.

    I guess the only upside is that I purchased this at my local Dollar Store and didn't pay a higher price. The fumes from regular polish are bad enough, but this product gets airborne and inhaled.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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