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    • Mar 13, 2018
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    TuraPur Pitcher

    I hate being lied to

    This is another gimmick that is 99% hype. I should have been more careful before buying it. Laissez Faire and Agroa have a habit, a bad habit if you ever get on their "list." They load my email box with all their hype, from 10,000% profit come-ons to health miracles. And the worst is the long, and I mean LONG content that no one could ever actually read through without losing your mind. I mean mind-numbing, scrolling page after page for half an hour. That's the only excuse I can tell myself of why I fell for this crap, because I scrolled to the end and in a weak moment, hit the BUY button. Now I have it, and I learn what I should have taken the time to research and read before hitting SEND. Yes, it is a filter. That's about it. Health benefits? No, it hasn't done any of those things, I already use filtered water, have for years. This is no quantum leap forward. Just overpriced Walmart item, hyped to ten times the profits. TuraPur, I can thee LIAR.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 4, 2018

      Donna MacCrossan

      Before I purchased this, I received emails from Laissez Faire and Agora too, and I agree, their emails are way too long. I use to use the Aquasana Counter Top Filter. After watching the video about TuraPur mentioning filtered water, I decided to purchase it in October 2017. A big mistake because this has done nothing for me, and instead of hydrating me, I have become more dehydrated. Until I can get the money to buy another filter system from Aquasana, I started buying bottled water again.

      I stopped drinking this TuraPur filtered water to see if I start to feel better. I still have two filters left from my recent 6-month purchase. I am planning on canceling my auto-ship with them and I hate being "lied" too also. I would like to know what source the filtered water was from that was tested in that video.

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