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    • Mar 27, 2018
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    Orenda Coffee

    Horrible design (after hands-on experience)

    I'll skip the shipping part because many people have complained here about that. But one thing I wanted to point out is that I communicated with them for a refund before they shipped since we were waiting too long and we bought a Breville coffee machine (love it by the way). I also got someone called Jade communicating with me, back and forth for a few months, every time I asked for a refund, they waited for a while then emailed me back with their official blog/update link, and stating my unit is on the way to the US or whatever. The last time we communicated regarding this issue, they finally said that my unit had left China and on the way to the US, hence my fund cannot be returned, while their website had no information about no refund policy. Not sure if it's even legal.

    After all those BS, I was hoping the actual product would be great. And I finally got it delivered and used it yesterday. Oh boy, is that a horrible design. The manual is very confusing, on the English writing-level, some misleading instructions. After I finally figured everything out, I started the brewing session. The so-called brewing chamber, which holds grounded coffee powders has quite a big gap between where the powder comes out and the actual cup (to be fair, this is what they showed on their website), the powders just flew out and sprinkled everywhere on my counter, and the chamber itself. I was using a paper filter the way they instructed, the powders also got into the gap between the chamber wall and the paper filter, a lot. That wasted lots of coffee.

    And after the session was done, I checked the chamber, some powders weren't even wet! Now moving on, the distance from the bottom of the chamber (metal filter) and the dry tray isn't very tall, it can bearly fit a 16oz mug (one of those tall ones sold at Starbucks). The default brewing setting seems to be 8oz (their app is not available yet, so not sure how to change that). After the session was done, the coffee splashed everywhere inside the cup; I can't imagine how bad my counter will be (on top of the coffee powders already there) if I chose 12oz or 14oz.

    Lastly, in order to pour water into the reservoir, there is a tray at the top, you pull it out and pour water into the tray, then the water will drop into the reservoir. But the tray is very shallow, so you have to 1) use a kettle, or anything that is easy to control how water comes out, a mug won't work, and 2) pour slowly; otherwise, the water will fill out the tray way faster and overflow.

    Overall, regardless of how they keep slipping the shipping deadline, very bad communications. And the product itself is so poorly designed and would only bring a headache to your life.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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