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    • Apr 10, 2018
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    Try The World

    I used to love it. Now, not so much.

    I've been a monthly box subscriber for over two years (almost since the beginning). I can honestly say that this subscription got me out of my culinary comfort zone, and now I fully enjoy trying recipes from all over the world. I loved looking forward to the boxes, and I can still tell you every item that was in my first box from memory.

    Sadly, in June of 2017, my box came delayed. The reason given was the warehouse move. I finally got the box in September. But that meant July, August, September, and October was also delayed. There was one month that I didn't get a box at all, because "they ran out." I did at least get a one-month extension on my subscription because of the missing box.

    They used to send emails that the box was coming so you could watch out for it and let the suspense and anticipation built. Now customers are in a communications black hole and have to rely on seeing the box actually arrive to know if it is coming. When I had the delayed boxes, they would tell me that I would receive the box within five days, and two weeks later I would still be asking where it was.

    I also noted that the December, January, and February boxes shifted from a single-country format to a mixed country/mixed product format. I recently asked about that, and they claimed that they sent an email to all customers in December of that change. Well, I have EVERY email from them back to my initial subscription setup, and I can tell you that there was no email sent. At least not to me.

    The warehouse excuse is starting to wear thin. If the move was going to be such a bear, perhaps a little more time should have been spent on logistics. Also, you can't really use the warehouse excuse for a reason for your complete change in business model. As many others have said, I can buy most of these products in my local stores. Lee Kum Kee sweet and sour sauce? Seriously? I can get that at my local grocery store.

    According to the most recent communication with them, I was told their website team was working on getting the store back up online. But they were vague about the expected date of completion.

    So I guess that instead of trying the world, the customers are just getting hung out to dry and left in a communication black hole. I hope that the company gets organized again. They had a really good product that was unique. It's not so attractive or unique anymore.

    (I wish there was a third option for Bottom Line: "I used to recommend this to friends and strangers all the time. But now, not so much. I would recommend again if they got back to their origins.")

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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