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    • Apr 25, 2018
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    Be patient and manage expectations

    Actually getting stuff:

    I have purchased probably $300 worth of stuff on Sammydress, which involves 35+ items in 23 packages. Out of all of those items I have received all but one package. I contacted them about that one package, and they gave me further steps to follow to fix the problem, but given that it was just a $2 scarf I decided to not bother (too busy).

    Shipping time:

    It's coming from CHINA, people. Don't order with a timeline in mind. Order, forget about it, and then have fun when it shows up and you have to try to remember what you bought. It's usually one month or longer. You will find that from about any seller in China, don't blame it on Sammydress.


    Don't buy a $5 item and then complain that it looks like a $5 item when normally you would pay $50. Some things are surprisingly good quality for the price, while others you are getting exactly what you paid for. I've gotten home items (I love their little mushroom nightlights, and I keep buying more), watches, hair extensions, clothes, and jewelry and have been mostly satisfied. Only one time was I really dissatisfied, and that's when the watch they sent didn't work. Given that it was $3, I just left a bad review and let it go.


    READ the SIZE CHARTS people! I am a US Small-Medium. I lived in China for a year and wore L-XL there. That's not a Sammydress thing, that's a China thing. They are smaller. Read the charts and order appropriately. Given that they have size charts, if you get the wrong size that's your fault, not theirs. To them, we are the ones with the weird sizing.

    Contacting them:

    Of course, they don't have a phone number or address listed. They are at different locations in China, and they would go out of business on long-distance phone calls from people too stupid to read size charts. They do have a live chat system set up and a message center. I've successfully communicated with them via the message center before, but never tried the live chat. Some people are saying it's hard to contact them. Try the bottom of the page, like literally every other website.


    Good: great prices for fun stuff. Fantastic reward system (I have so many points I will get 30% off every purchase I'm ever going to make).

    Bad: long shipping time, sometimes cheaply made.

    Recommendation: read item reviews, read the size charts, and be prepared to wait two months to get it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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