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    • Apr 30, 2018
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    Waste of money

    Overall Experience:

    I got my DNA kit in the last weekend of March, and I then returned it immediately with my sample. I got my results within two and a half weeks.

    Before I get a more in detail about my results, my mother and father got their DNA tested from another company which was credited by my mother's native tribe. When my mother got hers done, her DNA showed that she was 58% Native American. My father seeing this as interesting that he decided to take a DNA test. My father knows his lineage pretty well, he was 31% native. However, my mother was adopted and it wasn't done in a legitimate way. The person who gave her up for adoption never signed the birth certificate, however, the people who adopted her gave money to the hospital so that they could be the ones on the birth certificate. My mother found out when she was about 10 years old that she was adopted. Her birth father put her on the roster for his native tribe, which is Lakota Indian. After she had to do DNA a tests proving that that was her biological father. She also had to do one to show her lineage of Native American blood.

    Now with that being said, my DNA test showed not one single drop of Native American.

    My information dropped off pretty quick. Maybe it's because on my father's side when it hits the European part of him, which is Irish, it comes from Ireland and not from here in America. My great-grandfather was straight from Ireland and moved over here when he was in his twenties. And on his mother side, they had French and Native American. My grandmother was born on the Indian reservation in Oklahoma. They basically didn't show me any information for my mother's biological parents, however, they did give us information about her fake adopted parents.

    I believe all this company is doing is gathering information so they can analyze for medical reasons. And the way they are coming up with your heritage is just searching your family and looking at what they can find where your family originates from, other than actually searching your genetic code.

    Also, when I confronted them on this, they told me that their database wasn't very large so they couldn't determine certain traces. And that's my genetic building, we show my characteristics where I get them from. OK, I got you, I was expecting to see Irish, like I said my great grandfather came straight from Ireland. But I don't have pale skin, I don't have freckles, and I don't have light color hair. I'm actually quite the opposite. I have deep olive brown skin, dark brown hair that straight, and have extremely high cheekbones in very slanted eyes. The only characteristic they kind of got right, because they said I have blue eyes, is that I have pill green eyes.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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