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    • May 12, 2018
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    Almost positive, well sort of...

    Ok, I know this is a bit weird, giving a semi-positive review of what seems to be mostly a total scam/fraud/nightmare adventure.

    Same story as others here, “free trial” last December, which five months later becomes an $89.73 not-so-free trial. Then a repeat offender pack of pills a month later. Sure enough, I had told them to go away, never opened the first bottle. No, here comes its evil brother...and two charges, 190 bucks on el Visa. So I Google around, find myself here...oh-oh, scam time, do I call or just cry?

    So here’s the deal. Even though I read all the horrible, rude, and such tales, I go ahead and call and assume the best.

    Well, that’s where my two-star rating comes, in the form of Customer Service representative Kyle (877-566-6664). He and I get off on shaky ground with NO RETURN POLICY on consumable, .but here he is, careful to thank me for my patience and "let me reach out to my supervisor and see what I can do." At this point I have mentioned this complaint site and such, so he actually says let me see what I can do on my end vs. starting some kind of dispute.

    He comes back with a one time offer of a 50% refund of recent charge (so $44). He quickly adds "as long as you don’t pursue any complaint stuff." Oh-oh, I say that I may still contact my bank because still out $145 or so. We go around with a few who contacted who and when sents, and did I cancel, but you know what? Kyle was reasonable, said he worked for this company for a while (poor choice guy), he even gets stumped for words...starts with a "C." We sit on the phone silent. AH HA, "common courtesy," so we are chatting about common courtesy and gracious professionalism (thanks FIRST) and life in general, how to treat people. He thanks me for my kind words, comes back with a one time offer of a 75% refund of recent charges ($67.20). Ok, ok Kyle, I’ll take that, thanks. Kyle - "I just confirmed that I’ll process that for you, should show up in 3-7 business days."

    So here was a nice guy, I think stuck in some sticky job with probably tons of upset complaining customers who have been screwed by this company.

    Yeah, I’m still out 120 some bucks and probably will chat with my Visa bank. But I have a better taste in my mouth after this encounter with nice Kyle.

    Fair (sort of) courtesy treatment seemed a better way to go.

    Sure, we can disagree, but disagree nicely.

    In these times of gun sense discussions with Trump and the Smart Students seems like some Kyle Common Courtesy is just what we all should be using. Felt better to me. Thanks Kyle.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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