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    • May 24, 2018
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    American Home Shield

    Hot in Houston

    Overall Experience:

    On 5/8/18, I placed a request with AHS to have my A/C looked at. Three Brother's A/C came out and said I needed a compressor and placed the request for authorization with AHS. AHS approved it and told me they would cover the compressor, labor and the first $10 for every pound of Freon. That meant I had to pay $770 for the 14 lbs over Freon that would be needed.

    Another AHS rep called and said the part was ordered and gave me the cost I was responsible for. When I asked the contractor if they were going to repair the A/C that day, they said AHS would have to supply them with the part. I called AHS and asked Ashley (AHS rep) if I could save them the $140 on the Freon and get it done cheaper myself and I was told I could not. It was either let the contractor do all the work or cash out.

    I asked for a break down on the costs of everything and Ashley said she could not provide that. I asked how much would I receive if I cashed out and got it done myself and she said she would have to refer me to the cash out dept. Little did I know, that would halt the delivery of the compressor and Ashley did not share the info with me.

    On 5/14/18, I called AHS looking for the part, and Janell drops the bomb Ashley neglected to tell me. Janell placed me on hold to order the part and Ashley calls me. She gives me the number to the cash out department for me to call myself. Why wasn't that done on 5/9/2018? When Janell came back to the line and I told her Ashley had called while I was on hold and she had given me the number to the cash out department, Janell told me that was not proper procedure and the cash out department should have emailed and called me.

    I asked for a supervisor and Janell referred me to the customer support department. I spoke with Curisha and she was sympathetic and waived my $75 service fee. She said that was all she was authorized to do, however, I thought much more should have been done. By the way, why does AHS care were I get my Freon when they are only covering the compressor and the installation? Maybe because since the contractor does not make anything on the part AHS provided and they probably have an hourly labor rate already established between the two, allowing the contractor to make their money on selling me the Freon.

    When I asked if the delivery of the compressor would be expedited or if AHS will pay for some of the hotel costs, I was informed the hotel would need prior approval, and it would have to be 103 degrees to be expedited. Dang, it was only reaching 95 degrees outside! The final kick in the pants came when I went to pay the contractor with my credit card and discovered they charge 3% of the bill to run a charge card, even I told them the day before I would charge the freon. Well, they didn't get that 3% and I paid with a check.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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