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    • May 29, 2018
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    Rejuva Brain

    Price scam operation

    They did not want to tell me what the supplement facts were on the bottle of Omega 100 and the Rejuva Brain. They finally told me the trial period date, but we're hesitant in doing so and kept going back to the features of the product and what it will do to distract me.

    I had to ask several times how much each bottle was after the trial. Come to find out they were approximately $100 each. If I would have missed the trial ending date, 14 days, you have to pay the $200. I asked them what it was I was supposed to experience during this trial. I told them it was not long enough to do any good to make a determination. They gave me a 5-day extension.

    I use this time to look up all the ingredients online and found most of them in a multivitamin. There Omega 100 is nothing more than the omega-3 products you can buy online for $20 and the multivitamin for $ 24. That is far from $200.

    When I called back to cancel the man argued with me and told me the product was not free I had to pay for it. I asked him then what was the purpose of the trial. If I couldn't cancel. He said I could cancel, but I have to pay for the product my daughter was with me and listening to our conversation and wanted to talk to him

    I finally told him I am within my cancellation time and to cancel my account and that I had to go because I had a visitor, which was my daughter, and I said goodbye and hung up. Even though he claimed that I would receive a bill, I called back the next day to confirm my cancellation, and it was canceled. Their whole scheme I see now is to hope you do not call back during the trial ending date because most people do not ask them how much the product will be until it is too late. And because they won't tell you what is in the bottle, you have to wait until you receive it to see what you're getting and realize that they do not have anything special, just ordinary supplements you can buy across the counter.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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