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    • Jun 25, 2018
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    Hulu cares more about unauthorized use of my account than keeping my business

    Overall Experience:

    Think your Hulu account is safe?

    So did we, we were wrong. Dead wrong.

    I turned on the TV and got a message that I couldn't watch Hulu because too many devices already were. Too bad not one of them belonged to us!

    It turns out less than 5 of the devices on this list belong to us, the others? Who knows, Hulu doesn't know, and it was just made painfully obvious by two customer service agents that Hulu does not care either. Not only did someone else use our Hulu account for free, Hulu won't look into it, and they don't think we should be compensated for their unsecured system either.

    If you think your account is safe, think again.

    Go online to hulu.com/devices and see for yourself.

    I hope this is going to be enough to shame Hulu into caring more about their paying customers than they clearly care about others who are not paying for anything and are freely scamming those that do pay.

    I have no plans to keep Hulu after this and continue to pay for a service that freely allows unauthorized devices to use my account for free and refuse to assist me in safeguarding my account from other further breaches. Obviously having my login info in another language wasn't enough, despite using Norton's antivirus and calling their helpline was a waste of time.

    Their customer service is just about the worst there is. When I called in, the first person I spoke with was way too cheerful (like it was forced cheerfulness). This CSR could not stop talking in circles and repeating the same line over and over. Needless to say in reading her script she missed the part where you help the caller by listening to what's being said, as much as she missed the bit where you aren't going to have a positive call if you insult the caller's intelligence. She did apologize for that when I brought this to her attention, however, that does not excuse the fact that it happened in the first place.

    I was also told at the beginning of the call that she could handle getting a credit on my account for the trouble and would be happy to do that. As the call dragged on and continued to spiral out of control, I requested a floor manager to speak with. Sadly things did not improve from there. The floor manager was incredibly snide and downright snarky even with his tone. After I gave a short explanation of the current situation that we never used a public device or gave our login information out he started off by telling me "oh well that would mean your account was hacked." I had already figured as much.

    I was relieved that he understood what had happened, unlike his CSR. Next, he told me "well, we don't credit for this kind of thing." After she had stated they would do so. This is called a false promise, and most companies frown on such practices, apparently, Hulu is not that kind of company.

    The very next problem according to him was the fact that I had to delete all of the devices from our account because I didn't know who all was on watching it when I wanted to use the service and that wiped the history, even though they said they could see 8 pages back and then he told me "yeah, well, it would take a subpoena to our legal dept and that won't happen" for me to find out how someone hacked our account. And that was from the floor manager!

    All in all, it sure sounded like they could do more than he was willing to. As well as see what was going on and just refused to take any responsibility for this breach of security and my trust.

    As for the CSR struggling with her script reading rather than addressing the problems at hand, I am sure more training can address the issues she had on the call.

    However, I can see no reason or proper course of action for such rude and unprofessional behavior on the part of that manager.

    If this is the best Hulu can do, I'll use Netflix from now on.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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