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    • Jun 28, 2018
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    Shift Car Buying Service

    Worst experience with any company ever.

    Overall Experience:

    Shift's slogan (it's on the side of the building) claims they will bring you a car to test drive. To you. After Shift canceled two appointments on me at the last minute, I finally tracked them down for a third try. The car did not show up. A half an hour after appointment, I called Shift, who did not have any idea where their driver was or what he was doing, but would find out. Another half hour. Shift calls back: the driver never FOUND the car in the first place, and had no intention of letting anyone know until I tracked Shift down to find out.

    That afternoon, I get a call from Shift and amazingly they were able to find their own car. But they don't have any drivers available, so I have to go to them. Slogan failure.

    I humor them by driving an hour to Commerce. Their facility looks like a bad startup company, like season one Silicon Valley.

    A nice young man nervously shakes my hand, and I wait for a half hour while he finds the car key. He promptly leads me out to the wrong car. It takes another half hour to find the real key to the real car that I saw across the parking lot.

    The nice young man knows nothing about this car. He can't answer any questions about it and has to look up any information on his phone, but because I'm a responsible buyer I've already done the internet phone research which renders him useless.

    However, the car is nice and competitively priced.

    I agree to purchase the car, but it has been such a terrible experience that I want compensation for my time an energy. A nice young man comes back from his Manager and offers me a $100 gift card from Amazon. They won't budge, and the manager actually bullies me, telling me he's not worried the car won't sell and he doesn't need my business.

    Almost done here.

    The car is almost signed over. Nice young man makes creepy inappropriate comments about my friend's sunburn, which is more important to him than doing the paperwork in front of him. Then he sells me a warranty. Then he messes that up and overcharges me the warranty, but promises it will refund in a couple days.

    This has seriously been my worst experience with any company ever.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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