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    • Jun 29, 2018
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    Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

    A user of this type of ovens for 30 years

    Overall Experience:

    I have been using these super useful tabletop ovens for half my life.

    As a rule, they are extremely versatile and easy to use. I cook for two people and they do a great job. The first oven I had lasted 10 years (not a Big Boss). Eventually, they started to burn out in 5 years then down to 2. This brings me to the Big Boss.

    About 4 years ago I needed a replacement. The only oven I could find locally was a Big Boss at Walmart. I just wanted regular heating with the halogen. So I bought it.

    It took a while to get used to it. But it was faster and did a good job once I got used to it. Two years later it died. I purchased a new one. This one lasted 8 months. I was going to call customer service but needed a replacement right away so I ordered from Walmart online. This one died in 4 months. Ok, just call customer service, right? Wrong. The phone number and website are gone. The contact name on mine was Deni. I checked Amazon and there are now numerous brands of this type of ovens.

    So now a review of when it was working.

    These ovens are amazing. You can cook 2 steaks in about 15 minutes. Bacon in 10 minutes. Amazing burgers in under 15 minutes while cooking the bacon at the same time. Best part - all the oil and grease ends up in the bottom of the bowl. I keep a pie plate on the bottom just to catch the droppings. You will not believe how much fat gets collected in a month. I use this for most of my cooking and heating. I use it every day. It cannot cook pizza, but it does a great job reheating it. By the way, if you are using this oven, I use a low rack sitting on a pie plate. I find using the high rack tends to burn the food and the heating element turns off and on to many times.

    As a conclusion, this type of oven is amazing. A very useful replacement for a frying pan and normal oven. I await my new unit (not a Big Boss) from Amazon. I recommend this type of oven. They cost under $100 these days, and if I get a year's use before they burn out, I feel its money well spent.

    I highly recommend this type of oven, just not the Big Boss model. Unless they send me their correct contact information and replace the 2 heating elements that lasted less than a year.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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