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    • Aug 16, 2018
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    Sling TV

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    Update - week two

    Overall Experience:

    The Roku Ultra FINALLY showed up per Victor's promise, so I did feel a little better about that. Once the simple-to-install Roku was connected, the Sling interface was MUCH easier and more usable, and I'm thinking the 3-month commitment and Roku Ultra deal may be OK. I bought Sling primarily to be able to watch MotoGP on the BeIN channel and college football coming up in a few weeks. The free Roku channels are impressive and unexpected. Netflix through the Roku is also very impressive.

    So I stand by my conclusions above that are still valid, but for some people, Sling TV may be a good alternative is saving money is very important.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Aug 12, 2018

    Very unhappy after only one week of service!

    I've heard about Sling TV's "Free 7-Day Trial" for a long time and as my local cable company gave us a 20% increase in our bill this month, I decided to make a change based on cable's price increase.

    I went to Sling TV's website and looked at their numerous options before choosing to buy a Roku Ultra for $50 in addition to three months of service. Later I found out that I did not qualify for the "Free 7-Day Trial" because I purchased the Roku at a discounted price. So highly recommend trying the Sling TV 7-Day Free Trial before any financial commitment I'm not sure how many people will want Sling TV after a free trial because of so many issues like buffering, pauses, hard to use interface with the app alone, etc.

    On August 1st, one day after I placed the order online, I received an email from Sling TV saying, "Good news! Your Roku Ultra is on the way. Expect a package to arrive within the next few days. You’ll be watching your personal channel lineup on your big screen in no time." This was NOT TRUE and set me up for an unrealistic expectation!

    On August 7th, eight days after I ordered Sling TV, I called them to inform them that my Roku Ultra has not arrived. It turns out that their week-old email was a LIE because the Roku had not even been sent, thus delaying it as much as an additional week!

    I have been playing with the Sling TV app since last week, but it is clunky and hard to work with on my computer and not nearly as easy or convenient without the Roku or other interface. The worst part is the channels often pauses or buffers, and that is REALLY annoying! Sling TV recommends a minimum internet speed of 25 Mbps and my internet is over 100 Mbps, plus I'm hard-wire connected with a CAT-5 cable instead of connecting wirelessly, but still get frustrating buffering when I watch!

    So I contacted Sling TV today (via chat and phone) asking to cancel my subscription and refund my money. I did so because they had not fulfilled their email promise to me. I politely asked to get out of the contract and have a refund issued, but all three Sling TV representatives/supervisors I talked with told me that it was NOT possible because I agreed to purchase the Roku Ultra and three months of service. I was told, "Sorry you're unhappy, but we can not help you!"

    I was then promised by Victor that my Roku Ultra would "definitely" be here in three days (this Friday, August 10th.) So IMHO, Sling TV’s customer service won’t help you even if your complaint is fair and reasonable. I’m hoping the Roku will come by Friday and that this interface will make Sling TV a better experience. If not, I will re-connect to our local Spectrum cable and pay three times more for a much better picture quality, better customer service, and far greater channel selection.

    In hindsight, switching to Sling TV was a bad decision for me.


    (1) NEVER sign up for Sling TV without a "Free 7-Day Trial," that way you can quit without going through the frustration I did.

    (2) Be sure your internet speed is high enough, and be willing to accept the fact that your Sling TV program will pause and buffer regardless of your internet speed!

    (3) The old saying, "you get what you pay for" is most often true! Paying three times as much for cable TV may be worth it as you get MANY more channels with a better interface and no buffering or annoying pauses of your TV programs. Plus Spectrum’s customer service IS far superior…I’ll give them that!

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