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    • Aug 21, 2018
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    Most positive reviews are fake!

    It's well known that many disreputable companies like this pay to have people write fake, and write positive reviews to boost their review scores and bait unsuspecting people to buy from them. Just read many of them you can figure it out. There's no way this company has more positive than negative experiences.

    The absolute WORST lender I've ever dealt with, and I've dealt with many over the years. My recent mortgage prequalification months back was smoother, less stressful, and more reputable than with these people.

    I started with the link on NerdWallet after carefully reviewing my options to refinance, well the editorial and the numbers on here don't match at all with what this company is all about. Talk about false advertisement; they take that to the extreme! I'll be writing a one-star review on as many sites as I can to warn people. After filling out the "application" and making an account, which seemed easy enough (I knew it seemed too good to be true), but after entering all my information, it said I had to call them. Hmm, no reason or anything.

    So I called and waited for a rep, I had a bad connection, so he offered to email me with his questions. I get the email with no less than 20 questions about myself, co-signer, our car, and all sorts of very personal questions relating to us that have nothing to do with getting an offer. I've been so disappointed with GM Financial and paying too high of an interest rate that I reluctantly gave in and answered all the questions. At this point I'd spend 20-30 minutes between calls and emails and getting all the information together, just to get a lousy rate quote!

    So being keen on lenders and their lies, I asked the rep to assure me that the credit pull would be soft. He replied that they have to do a hard pull. I reminded him that they advertise a soft pull only and he tried to talk around it like I'm a fool. He said he would tell his boss to do a soft pull. Then, I'm told I will get a call from an actual loan officer with my "offers." Hours later, I get the call from the sleazy loan officer who proceeds to try to bully and lie his way into getting me to accept his lousy offer, from one bank no less. I'm first told that to get a rate they have to do a hard pull. I said no way, and then he says OK you should expect around 7.5%. So he then says he will call me back, I get a call with him saying it's gotta be 11% because my car is too old and too high mileage.

    BS, I drive a 2014 Flex with only 66k mikes; he says then that my credit has too many derogatory marks (big lie, I cleaned up my credit to get a recent mortgage loan and it's stayed clean as I monitor it closely). Also keep in mind my debt-income ratio is good, and my spouse has even better credit than I do. This was more lies followed, as I argued with him telling him their own website claimed the average person with my score should see around 7% rate. So I'm stuck with 14% and six-point drop to my credit scores just for checking to see if I can refinance for a better rate! Crooks out there at Autopay, stay away.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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