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    • Jan 21, 2016
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    Axial Rx

    Absolute best joint and pain supplement made. It makes life livable again.

    Without question, Axial Rx is a godsend! I've had 3 back surgeries, the last being a fusion of my L-3 down through to my L-5 S-1. I've been on one of the most potent painkillers since. I take 150 Mcg of Fentanyl patches every 48 hours, along with 4-5 tablets of Oxycodone every day. Needless to say, my physical activity has been at it's lowest level since injuring myself. I've tried every kind of supplement. Most did very little to nothing to relieve my level of pain. Then I saw an infomercial on Axial RX, and found it to claim a lot of success, along with a significant amount of restored activity. So I gave the free trial a go. I figured, hey, for the $4.95 for shipping and handling I couldn't go wrong.

    I took the medication just as directed. Literally by the second day, I felt significantly better, with less pain, and was thrilled with the amount of energy I felt. By day 4 I would say that my pain was reduced, and my range of motion and activity was greatly enhanced. Without not even a midge of doubt, I ordered the discounted 6 bottles. Now on my 2 bottle, I have been able to reduce my narcotic Fentanyl Patch medicine by almost a half, and the Oxy by two thirds. I'm a better and more importantly, a happier human being now. I'm more apt to talk to people, whereas prior, my pain kept me like a hermit. I've already ordered 2 more cases of Axial, because you never know if a company will be around. I realize the medication works, but for many I assume they see it as expensive. My point is -- it works, so it's worth 10 times the price, if your pain level is greatly reduced. I swear by this supplement and would suggest that ANYONE who has pain, arthritis or joint issues, start with the trial that Axial RX offers. I mean, aren't you worth the $5 of that shipping costs. As well, you'll be under no obligation to buy a thing after. So do yourself, and your family a huge favor, order the trial or take my 15 years of pain and misery as witness to get a full bottle and see what your life can be like again.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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