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    • Aug 29, 2018
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    UpWalker wheel configurations

    My main issue involves several back surgeries. I bought my UpWalker (only used a few times and truly like new) from a lady who didn't feel comfortable trying to use it after her purchase. Being fairly tall, I was excited about being able to use a walker where I wasn't all hunched over because it hadn't taken long to discover my old walker put so much pressure on my wrists and arms that it tended to become painful after only a short time.

    I love the UpWalker except for one big thing...those back wheels turning exactly like the front wheels! They make one feel very unstable and when trying to turn can also make one feel like the walker is going to suddenly slip sideways and/or go flying out from underneath one. They can also tend to run over one's feet easily, especially while going into or coming out of a turn, which if wearing softer footwear is very uncomfortable to a person!

    If the back wheels were stable and turned straight forward and backward with only the front wheels turning side to side like my old walker, I really feel I'd never want to use any other brand. I say this because I personally did like how easy the UpWalker is to use otherwise plus to fold. If one walks straightforward as it's currently built, it is much easier on the back, wrists, and arms. As it now stands with those full turning back wheels, however, and with that flyaway feeling, I'm afraid I don't feel I could recommend buying an UpWalker to anyone else. IF they ever change the back wheel configuration, I'd immediately change my rating and easily give the walker 5+ stars!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Sep 26, 2018

      Rebekka H.

      We recently received the UpWalker and we agree that it is rather big for smaller homes, but it seems that the design is for stabilization. Unfortunately, the gentleman who wished the back wheels were straight, may not have realized that there are locks on those two back wheels. We love ours and just wanted to offer the advice that those two back wheels lock and the size seems to be for stabilization. It really isn't recommended for those with true neurological conditions. They may want to look into the U Step Walking Stabilizer. Its wheels are engineered to accommodate those with Parkinson, MS, ALS, etc. I believe insurance covers the costs of that one, as it's coded as a medical device. I hope I'm helpful, but most importantly, KEEP WALKING!

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