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    • Sep 12, 2018
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    Don't waste your money on this product

    I contacted the company to get a free sample to try, like they advertised. I was a sucker and ended up purchasing one bag of vanilla and one bag of chocolate from the company website...oh the power of marketing and all their claims got me! I'm so glad I wasn't suckered into the "auto ship" program. It was easy to mix, and I made three batches creating three different flavors of ice cream. It freezes rock hard, so I let it set out a bit like they suggest.

    I wasn't impressed with the taste at all, not horrible but not good either. The texture was terrible; gluey and gummy! That evening I had a bad case of very loose poop. The next day I had a serving and same experience in the evening. Third day, same experience. I didn't have any for a week, and I had no problems with bowel movements. I tried it again and had the same loose bowel experience. I went off of it a third time and tried it again with the same loose bowel experience.

    Something in the ingredients does not agree with me. I think it is a big waste of money and the taste and especially the texture is not good. Very expensive to trash but that is just what I did with the remaining half of the bags.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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