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    • Sep 12, 2018
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    Earnin App

    This app is the biggest headache

    I signed up for this app thinking it would provide relief to help pay bills and make my in-between paycheck days less stressful. I was so wrong. This app has only added to the stress, and their customer service ticket system is a complete joke. They’ve copped out of accepting accountability and actually answering questions about your specific situations by not offering a phone number to talk to a live person.

    I started this app with a max of $150. Every time it was time for them to draft my account to be paid back for their loan it was never an issue. I was never over-drafted and my check which has always been five times the max they allotted me, was always posted when they were ready to draft (so there was never an issue of not having enough funds to cover repayment of the loan). Yet every time I tried to go back and cash out again, there was always a message saying they were waiting on my bank to send updated transactions and it should take only a day. Two days later I’m still waiting to cash out.

    Earnin has their money but I can’t cash out again, so of course, I’m extremely annoyed. I go through their ticket process to get help since again they don’t have a phone number. It takes at least 4-5 hours, sometimes a day, to ever hear back from anyone. When I finally heard back I was told to send a screenshot of my paycheck hitting my account and Earnin taking their debit to speed up the process, since apparently, my bank was taking too long to send it to them.

    So I sent the screenshot, and wait another 8 hours without hearing from anyone, so I reach out again and only get a response after the issue had already resolved itself. So since then, I’ve been stuck in the same cycle of having them draft my account but dragging their butt to update their app so I can cash out again. To try and be prepared, I will send them a screenshot of my account as soon as it drafts to hopefully speed up the process, but no, I have to go through this same song and dance every freaking week.

    To add insult to injury, they decreased my max by $50 with absolutely no explanation. Per the app's FAQ, if you use the app regularly, keep your bank account info updated, tip, and don’t go negative, your amount should increase. I had already been doing all of that so I didn’t understand why my max would decrease not increase. So I go through the perils of submitting another ticket through the app, and after waiting hours between each response, all I get is person after person, copying and pasting the same generic FAQ answers I already read; they didn’t answer or address my concern satisfactorily at all.

    So to me, even though I’m tipping and using this app regularly, I was decreased with no explanation. The app is a headache and there is zero accountability for their errors. I am currently again waiting to cash out three days after they took their money from my paycheck, and I’ve had a ticket submitted for over 24 hours and have heard nothing from anyone.

    Do NOT use this app! Save yourself the headache.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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