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    • Sep 18, 2018
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    Live Cell Research

    Live Cell Research call center

    I have ordered many products from Live Cell Research for many years. I recently today read this website's reviews from past patrons of LCR. I give some consideration to a past patron's thought to a complaint, and then weigh my own thoughts by my satisfaction of success or no success with their products.

    I am not writing to make a comment on the product line. I upon reading this page I saw other patrons reporting being given a runaround by call center personnel for LCR call-in line, the USA call center located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I simply was calling into the call center to reorder products. The lady verified my account, went over my past orders, upon talking about the Vital Stem product, I said I had a leftover year's supply still, but I mentioned I just saw on a website past patrons complaints about LCR products, one lady stated all her jars of Vital Stem did not contain the claimed 30 servings, but only had 22 or 23 servings per jar!

    I proceeded to simply ask this agent what has LCR done about that complaint, which LCR on website acknowledge receipt of? It was at this time the agent, a lady, got evasive, but said she will ask about this to another agent (stated "I'll put you on hold for a moment"), then the line went dead!

    I called back, then talked to a lady in same call center Salt Lake City, I asked to be connected to the agent who just got cut off, stated my last name and let me talk to her since I was on a 15-minute call! This new agent, a lady, said we have over 200 agents here on calls, so I asked her name, I asked her ID number, and she said they have non. How can I get you as an agent when calling back in? The lady was very evasive. I asked to talk to a supervisor please, she said I need all your account information before I can let you talk to a supervisor! I said I'll give that information to the supervisor. She HUNG up on me.

    I called back again (third time), asked whom am I speaking to, "Jullie," if this was Salt Lake call center, "yes it is," can I talk to a supervisor please, "well I need your information first." I said I'll give information to the supervisor, I said public service companies are supposed to have in house ID numbers for workers, a way to ID workers without divulging personal information, so customers can call back and ID a worker. So I asked again for her ID, she said she has none, so I asked again to speak to a supervisor, she hung up instantly.

    I find this to be extremely poor service, hinting that LCR have a policy at call center for agents to just hang up on patrons, if they are questioning products or LCR, it happen three times in a very short time frame.

    Here I am a satisfied customer, spending thousand plus dollars, looking to simply continuing to reorder products. I am a person over 65 years old, I have a background as a businessman for 45 plus years globally, whiteness law cases over 14 million per year for 20 years (I'm not a lawyer). I learned a lot by exposure of law cases. The attitude I experienced seemed to verify past patrons negative reporting on this site of LCR company.

    Here is a satisfied customer, calling in to simply reorder, the call turned sour the instant I asked questions of product, what has LCR done to rectify past complaints, and when I sought to speak to a higher experienced employee, a supervisor, the attitude agent response seems very trained, just hang up. Since there is no way for a patron to ID any agents, to later report a complaint, that rule of LCR sends a red flag up!

    When I heard originally was told there were 200 plus agents taking calls at Salt Lake City call center, I originally stated to the lady, they are making a KILLING of profits then!

    Even though I am a satisfied customer of LCR products, this incident, now has me very concerned about the real character of this LCR organization, even maybe its represented products. I'm associated with a business that has 5,000 employees, over a $120 million payroll annually. We teach our managers that we must listen to patrons, their complaints, investigate as best as possible, then upon verification, make and address a change of policy in how we treat people, every person, equally treated.

    If a call center is taught to repetitively hang up, do not let a person talk to a supervisor, this now makes me question, if the products resented by LCR truly, are of value claimed!

    Whether I can prove myself the results of individual use, that is near impossible, is to hard, as I take to many other natural products, that collectively seem to help my issues.

    I do not have the time to take only one product over many months to see its individual results! No, I have used only self-reviewed, friends referred, referable products, which seemed to be vented over others personal use, as viewed reported on websites.

    When a company acts this say with its trained agents at the call enter level, it only seems it's about profits. It sends up a red flag to me now about the integrity of the company, then the integrity of its claims on products!

    Sorry for the long report, but the agents taught to hang up on a satisfied patron who simply wanted to speak to a supervisor, hung up on, three times in a row is just too much of a coincidence, to be a trained policy!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 4, 2018

      Company Response from LCR Health

      Hi BH, my name is Taylor with LCR Health. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I'm very sorry to hear that you had this experience with our customer service team. Our customer experience is our number one priority, so I'm very sorry to hear that your experience was not a reflection of this. I have notified our customer service department, they will personally look into this to ensure that it never happens again. Please email me personally at taylor@lcrhealth.com so I can make this right! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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