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    • Oct 21, 2018
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    Green Gobbler

    Worked like a charm!

    Overall Experience:

    While taking a shower, I heard my commode making a "gurgle" noise. I knew what was wrong from the same issue back in July. I paid a plumber $120 to snake my line out. After the recent major flooding in the Hill Country, we were without water for a day. Half water pressure the next day and still on boil notice. I HAD to shower this morning. Once I realized we had a clog once again, I thought we would need to call a plumber. With all of the damage from the flood, getting someone out would be difficult.

    I went to the Ace Hardware here in Kingsland, Texas. Told the employee what was going on. He and his wife had a similar issue caused from toilet paper. He suggested this product and I bought it.

    I came home to start working on clearing the line around 6 pm. The first time didn't work. Kept dumping hot water. Husband got an ogger and was able to break things loose, but it was still a slow drain in our grinder pump. I had poured another packet down the tub with more hot water (against my husband's wishes because he didn't think it was working). We finally gave up and I called a plumber to come the next morning at 7:48 pm.

    Around 8:50, I went into the bathroom and noticed the toilet was completely empty of water. I gave it a flush and it went "whoosh!" I was excited and yelled at my husband that I think it worked! He came in, we turned on ALL of the faucets in BOTH bathrooms. Sinks, tub, shower stall...EVERYTHING with HOT water. They were draining with NO problem. The hubby told me to go out to the grinder pump and on a count of "10," he would flush the toilet. I ran out, water was already flowing A LOT and when he flushed the toilet, it was a wave of water that came out, and the water was totally CLEAR!

    I sent a text to the plumber to tell him he could sleep in tomorrow because it seemed the problem got fixed.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this product! Everyone's situation will be different. Don't give up, give it time to work. It saved us a $145.00 service call from the plumber!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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