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    • Oct 26, 2018
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    Absolute headache to deal with

    I've been with this bank just over a year. I wish I would have never set up an account with them. I have since moved my bank to Capital One 360. It started out ok, but has not ended well. Their customer service is horrible. They are nice, but don't even expect to talk to anyone that can help. Plus, considering they will be changing to another partnering bank with new routing and account numbers, what a run around.

    My dilemma started when I got a personal loan for a small amount of $2500 to purchase a used vehicle. I was on hold for a long period every time I called. It took about 3 days for my loan company to wire the funds to my account with Aspiration. Once in my account, I called to have the funds wired to the car dealership. After long holds, they told me they spoke to operations (whomever that is) and that I had to let the funds stay in the account for 24 hours. So I call back the next day. This time the story is different. The operations said they could not verify funds, so my account was locked. Which means all of my money is locked now.

    I went round and round and spent many hours on the phone. They would never give me to a supervisor, however, some guys came on the phone to say he was a supervisor (which I found out later, he wasn't). He assured me he would be personally working on this to help resolve. He wanted my loan documents, which I refused. My loan is between myself and the bank. And finally said they couldn't help without that. They told me the loan company would need to reverse the ACH transfer. So not knowing much about ACH transfers I call my loan company, and they tell me they cannot help, that my bank will need to reject the funds in order for them to be transferred back.

    So I called back today. I was on the phone for another 2 hours only to get more run around. First off, when I called, I advised the agent he would not be able to help me that I needed to speak to someone in charge from management. Of course, like any call center, they can't until they hear the story. So he had me on hold on and off for an hour while the supposed supervisor reads the account information and issues along the way, knowing that since I have threatened already to leave the bank and get an attorney to deal with this.

    So, finally, he comes back and tells me they are going to go ahead and close the account since I was going to do this anyways. I asked about the funds that were being sent. He claimed all of it, my original amounts plus the loan. I explained to him that all of this started due to this issue and all I wanted to do was wire the funds. I asked him, once again, to let me speak to the supervisor and again got blown off as he placed me on hold for another 15 minutes, in what I assume was discussing with the supervisor. He finally comes back and they will do nothing but send the funds via US mail, check will be cut today and usually take about 7 days. Are you kidding me?! So now I have to wait another 7 days, plus time at my other bank to clear?

    I highly recommend to avoid this bank at all costs. I'm pretty sure if I was to raise holy hell, it's likely they broke several laws and I could easily sue them.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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