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    • Oct 27, 2018
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    Scott Yancey

    Training event

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    I attended a Scott Yancey two-hour training event in North Carolina yesterday. It had its pros and cons. I'll start with the cons.

    First, the TV commercial is so misleading. It leads you to believe you are going to a buffet luncheon, in a huge room, with long tables that you will eat on and later take notes comfortably. NOT SO! When we finally were allowed in (they started 20 minutes late), we were hurriedly given a boxed sandwich wrap, told to sit starting from front row back, and don't skip any seats. Our tables were our laps. We had to do a balancing act to eat in very uncomfortable chairs, and no elbow room whatsoever! Taking notes wasn't easy either. Can you guess who DIDN'T make an appearance (except on a poster board in the front left corner)? You guessed it, Scott and Aimee Yancey.

    It was way too fast paced, and questions were asked to us; not the other way around. Every time someone raised a hand, "hold that question because I'm going to answer it by the time I'm finished, if not, then you may ask it." RUDE, in my book. We were told all we were going to get on the weekend training class, only to find out about $1500 cost. I'm on disability and only get paid the 2nd Wednesday of each month. By the 27th (date of my two-hour session), I'm scrapping the bottom of my piggy bank. Oh, they were willing to "help" you work it out, but it really wasn't any help to me. Then the wonderful staff had no time for me, except "we may be back in 6 months, save up the money by then and come to the weekend class." When you are living below the poverty level, doing everything you can just to have a place to live, electricity, and food (forget the rest), people who have so much more just can't understand.

    Now for the pros: The staff was very warm and nice. The presentation was informational. The speaker was knowledgeable (spoke too fast). I left with a book, CD, and disc drive.

    Overall, Than Merrill has them beat, and is about $1200 cheaper.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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