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    • Nov 8, 2018
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    Quality product, naysayers are typically at fault!

    I have TBI, narcolepsy, and a rare neurological disorder that causes short-term memory loss. I have tried a host of Omega-3, Krill oil, Phospholipids, and fish oil products. Some of the products I have tried have been pure and utter garbage; you can always tell by freezing them to check for clouding or gently biting into a capsule to get a light taste of the oil. It may sound gross, but if your health is your priority, it shouldn't be that difficult to overcome the notion of sampling the oil.

    Omax3 is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but quality never comes cheap. Think about those who are being employed at the reputable brand supplement companies; are they just acquiring the oil 3rd party and packaging it or are they scientist/doctors testing, vetting, and gathering valuable data to back the claims of their product. Labdoor is a great website to use for ratings of products, they do a full analysis and breakdown of various supplements and provide and unbiased vetted rating on supplements. I personally have forked up thousands of dollars to have various products sent to a lab for testing of purity and label accuracy. Call me crazy, but that money years ago would have gone down the drain drinking in a weekend (not thousands each weekend) so I felt compelled to validate the various products I am taking or try.

    Omax3 has been fantastic; I had various biomarkers move in a positive direction over the course of 6 months of taking the product. I gave a month off in between products and used a 6-month time period to better gauge my biomarkers and blood work. My doctor has even started recommending it to his other patients based on my results. He also suggests Norwegian Pure-3, which I currently use as I have obtained a myriad of data backing up NP3 as well as Norwegian Naturals D, Ultimate, a phospholipid formula. I provided multiple brands to ensure fellow reviewers and those seeking a genuinely unbiased review that I am in no way paid, nor do I have any professional or personal relationships with any of the aforementioned products.

    I also implore you to check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Dom D'agostino, Ben Greenfield, and Tim Ferris for genuine unbiased health and fitness information. You will benefit greatly from the facts based, scientifically driven information they provide on their websites and podcasts.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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