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    • Nov 12, 2018
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    Smart Swab

    It's fine for me

    Okay, so to some of you who say that nothing came out, just be aware that most people generally don't have a lot of ear wax production. Also, if you're a person who cleans your ears often, then you probably won't have anything come out of them using the Smart Swab because the lack thereof could be normal, or a result of excessive cleaning. If you're someone like me who has seasonal wax build up, you learn to understand that wax production fluctuates and there are times when stuff isn't coming out because there's nothing there. Just like a clean Q-tip doesn't mean the Q-tip isn't reliable, same goes for the Smart Swab. Also, understand that ear canal size and length vary just as much as wax production.

    Despite that long preamble, I've found that the product works well, however, I was able to get it for free with 24 replacement swabs and $2 S&H without a problem, and it got to me in five days time. I love it, I only self-clean my ears once a month as directed by my primary doctor, but during the winter months, it's two to three times because my ears stop up more due my ears trying to protect themselves from the cold weather. Sometimes I get wax, other times I don't, but it's not really that serious. In truth, you really should just clean your ears once a month. That way your build up is still healthy and over cleaning won't backfire in the form of an ear infection, vertigo, canal soreness, and inflammation, or a possible ruptured eardrum.

    Overall, the product works as intended, but it's really overpriced. I got lucky with my find.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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