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    • Nov 14, 2018
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    Secret Escapes

    Human error - not even empathy

    Overall Experience:

    I made a mistake in dates and cost booking a hotel in London. I thought I had booked two nights but had in fact booked one night, and the price was per person, not room, so it was a hugely expensive mistake. I have never made that mistake before but it was the anniversary of my father's death a year ago and family were meeting up. I wasn't thinking straight.

    I called Secret Escapes within 2 minutes.

    There was no empathy, no interest in me as the consumer, the call assistant said he would call the hotel and see what could be done, he called back and said not possible. He advised me to sell the room reservation to friends!

    I don't think he had called, and I did, and the manager said she would discuss with her manager and had no knowledge of Secret Escapes call.

    His manner was unpleasant and not interested in finding a way forward. He was unbending and inflexible wanting to know my actions and position, almost like an army official. I had a call this morning from Secret Escapes, same person. I wasn't expecting this call, and it was not in my interest but to see what the hotel had said. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I could only speak with him. I asked him why he had called as it was a chilling experience. It felt as if it wasn't about my situation but about keeping his booking. He complained that the hotel shouldn't have said it was all down to Secret Escapes' decision, which felt aggressive.

    It was an unhelpful and upsetting call.

    A few minutes after his call later the hotel emailed to say policy/terms/conditions don't allow cancellations. It feels as if David called me to find out what the hotel advised and then called them to avoid any attempt at a compromise or solution the hotel might make.

    Secret Escapes wasn't calling to help me but protect the booking made in error.

    This company is not interested in customer experience, human error or finding a happy compromise for the Individual. Two minutes into a booking there is loads of time for the booking to be used up by someone else four weeks down the line.

    It is only when there is an issue that a company truly shows its colors.

    This company is only interested in itself; it's not interested in its customers at all.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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