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    • Nov 18, 2018
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    Flex Glue

    Tried several times...failed every time.

    Overall Experience:

    Wood to wood. Glass to wood. Small crack on cement patio floor.

    Flex Seal and Flex Tape were bought. The wood to wood project was on the tabletop to center leg. NOT the size as in the commercial but an end table I decided to make for a den. 36 inches in height with 14-inch circle top. I thought using the Flex Glue would be better so as to have a smooth top to stain and varnish. No wood putty to hide screws.

    Long story short, it did not work. Two hours later when I assumed I could stand, the top slid off. I got the wood screws out.

    The cement crack is 44 inches long and a hairline. I bought the Flex Seal because of a $180.00 quote to fix. Still tacky to touch after three days!

    After first the fail, I still tried the second product because I ASSUMED I did it wrong the first time. Nope.

    I would not buy again even with a 50% off sale. Let alone go into a boat made out of this stuff!

    In the long run, it's another "got your money," and you figure it out, a scam.

    Do not waste your time AND money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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