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    • Dec 4, 2018
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    Citizens Disability

    How Citizenship Disability helped me when no one else did

    Overall Experience:

    I've never heard of Citizens Disability. I had been applying for disability for almost 7 years and could never get it. I was on Adult Financial, which is money Social Services gives you while you're applying. I also get Food Stamps and Medicaid right now. I've had two hip implants and a knee surgery and might have to have another knee surgery, so I just can't go do a lot of walking around on a job. If I try sit down work, I lose them, I've lost 6 jobs in a row the past 6 years and I think some of it could be discrimination since I'm 4-foot-5.

    Also, I think I could have a learning disability which could make it hard to learn in a calling center. One place sent me to get tested, another one suspended me for making a mistake on the computer and another one they wouldn't keep me because I got a 73 on their test instead of an 85. I had tried doing para-aide subbing, but they wouldn't call me because of my hip implants, claimed I couldn't run after kids. I could've asked for help if I needed to, I tried tutoring, but they never had jobs after 3 months, also, tried handing out samples in stores but when someone came to train me, I guess she saw I couldn't reach stuff and told the company, so I wasn't allowed to go back.

    One day one of my neighbors in my building taped a note on my door when I was out with citizenship disabilities number. At first, I thought someone from there called me, anyway, I called them back last March sometime, and they worked with me for 8 months. The lawyer that went to the hearing with me even gave me a ride back because buses didn't run there and this girl from church had dropped one off. It was an hour away, I didn't ask her for a ride, she offered.

    She was so nice. A couple of weeks ago I found out that I got approved. I was shocked since every time I've tried to get it I got denied. Anyways, I think they did great, they did in months what no one else did in years.

    My neighbor told me she's seen it in a commercial several times and they had said they worked with you until you get it. I don't even watch TV, she said after that congenerical Comcast took that channel out and she never saw it again. I never heard of this place but I guess someone upstairs decided to let me know about it, I guess he knew something I didn't.

    I think what they did was great, I've been trying to get on it for years.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Dec 4, 2018

      Company Response from Citizens Disability

      We're so glad you had a great experience, Pearl. Thank you for trusting us with your claim! If we can ever help in the future please don't hesitate to let us know.

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