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    • Feb 18, 2016
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    Team Treehouse

    Maybe not a scam, but very difficult to opt out.

    I started the 7 day trial, and what I hate is, sites that are beautifully designed require a credit card to for the trial, but they hide the "I want to opt out of this site" option. If there are so many nice big rounded buttons, why not add one that says "Cancel Trial"?

    I also thought it was annoying that they started with binary code. I don't know how the engine works in my car, and I can still drive it perfectly. Tell me one designer who thinks about binary?

    When I had questions, they got back to me immediately. But when I asked them how to opt out, they were silent. I was forced to take all the money out of my debit card, to ensure I won't be billed, and if they do bill me, my bank can confront them about it.

    Rule number 1 is, don't make it easy for someone to join your site, but hard for them to walk away. If you expect people to trust you with their credit card, don't make the opt out process so vague.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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