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    • Dec 11, 2018
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    Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

    Citi Visa are partners in scam

    I am a Costco member for last 25 years. For many years after joining, it was only membership card required to be a member, then after Price Club (which changed after years the name to Costco) introduced American Express card to use also as a membership card. Over the years I had never had any kind of problem with that credit card or membership.

    Some three years ago, Costco chose to switch to Citi Visa card, which is the worst card in Customer Affairs reviews records, available online, and then in a little while, problems started.

    In the middle of October, Citi Visa notified me that series fraud suspected charges where noticed by their early Fraud Detection department, on my Citi Visa credit card.

    Two of those charges were - I was told - originated from Justice Women's Clothing store online. They were: $220.93 and $225.89 from the same date. Since I never ordered anything from them, I denied both charges.

    In about eight days after, I received two envelopes, each containing one children’s clothing item. In one envelope there were children’s cargo leggings - size 8, with Justice logo price tag $29.90 and invoice, in that envelope, for that item in the amount of - $220.93!? The second envelope contained children’s “Bow back top” - size 10, with Justice logo price tag in amount of $19.90 and invoice in the amount of $225.89 for that single item!? There was nothing else shipped or listed in those invoices, to justify the charged price of each envelope content in excess of over $ 200.00.

    In a few weeks both charges, in mentioned amounts, were placed onto my Costco Visa credit card, to be paid by me as reversed charges!

    The next day as I saw those fraudulent charges on my account, I called Citi Visa and spoke to their reps Tiera, Tina, Felicia, and Juby. I was switched to their so-called "Investigation Department" and spoke twice to Mathew and one time to Steven. Both of them hung up on me when I questioned their ability to conduct the investigation properly, for in my eyes it does not even follow logical steps. I told them that their decision, in favor of Justice, should not be based only on proof of shipment. They also should ask Justice for a copy of email (Justice should have sent to me) confirming my order, with list and prices of goods sold to me, which makes that total price. I also told them that routinely, online sellers, besides order confirmation, send to buyer an email, with a tracking number and Citi Visa should ask Justice to provide a copy of that email to Citi Visa. Justice cannot supply any of those emails to them since it is a made-up purchase. Their scam is based on high charge amount and tracking number to prove that there was a shipment made - they ship a "lollypop" and get a few hundred of dollars, proving to retarded Citi Visa "investigators" that tje shipment was made. Someone who put that single item in that small envelope (who works for Justice) and then after putting into it an invoice for $220+, knew very well that it is a scam. It is a very common scam on eBay by Chinese sellers, but eBay accepts hard proofs of scam (photos and scans) and makes refunds to buyers, for example, seeing a small envelope with the tracking number provided, claiming that a mink fur was shipped in that tiny envelope.

    I also offered to Citi Visa "investigators" hard proofs, to prove it is a scam, by sending Citi Visa copies of shipping labels, attached to those small bubble envelopes, and pictures of shipped items. I was told that Visa "investigators" know what they are doing and besides that, Citi Visa system does not take any email attachment files. Citi Visa "investigators" feel that they can hang up on callers, without any penalty (as they feel like it), as nobody can punish them for their actions. They are so much in charge doing it, that I get the impression that those actions are part of their Citi Visa job training. Though it is unfair to Citi Visa customers, from a credit card point, it is OK - when there is a charge they get their portion of that money, and that is only what counts.

    I would not be surprised if Citi Visa turned out to be a fake for there’s something fishy about them in my opinion.

    Since I can see online there are cases like mine regarding Citi Visa improper conduct and procedures online, fraud investigations are very common, they should become a subject of investigation of the Attorney General's Office themselves.

    In the meantime, I intend to close that Citi Visa credit card account and may be giving up on the Costco membership as I feel they got associated with crooks. I will stick to BJ’s and Sam’s Clubs, whose memberships I also have.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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