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    • Dec 15, 2018
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    Chime Banking

    By far the worst financial institution on earth.

    Overall Experience:

    If you are thinking of using this "bank," run hard and fast IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

    I signed up with Chime Bank because they claimed it would make my life easier. It didn't.

    I say "it" instead of "they" because their customer support is nothing but a group of uneducated automatons programmed to say whatever their management tells them to say AND there is no ESCALATION PATH if there is a problem.

    Here is my specific instance. And it happened twice, exactly the same way.

    1) Their customer support is based overseas and those people have no idea about American financial norms.

    2) They consistently claim to transfer you to a "supervisor." There is no such path. They simply transfer to the beginning of the queue where you have to re-enter your information to prove who you are EVERY TIME. Which in essence is a good thing if they didn't make you do it over and over to whoever you talk to.

    3) Possibly illegal banking practices. I set up a bill-pay vendor. In this case my Apartment Leasing Office. I entered the amount, and they said it was sent. They deducted the money from my account. I did this for THREE WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME.

    The check was never sent.

    4) When they have an issue with your payment, they don't bother to return the money to your account nor do they even notify you that there was a problem.

    5) When I called customer service. They always say "that payment as already been TRANSFERRED," and the problem is with the apartment complex and essentially hang up on you. After checking with the leasing office, they did not receive a check.

    This happens to be exactly what every "customer service" person says. My estimation is these are uneducated people with no experience in banking. Maybe retail. They have no idea what they are doing.

    6) I asked for proof of payment. A canceled check, anything, and they repeatedly give the same story. There is nothing we can do because that's how we are programmed by their management. They don't even try to help you find out what happened.

    7) They have no concept of the importance of rent payments in the USA, and don't care if you are being pressured to pay, or that you will be evicted.

    8) I finally got through to someone. You have to get an escalation number from one of these hapless employees who I guess get in trouble if they have to get someone else to help you. Their willingness to help is absolutely offensive.

    9) It took almost a week to get the money returned to my account for a mistake that THEY MADE.

    10) If I had not had to call repeatedly over 10 times to get help, they would have simply kept the money. Rent is a large amount of money!

    What I expected was the bank to send me a message IMMEDIATELY when there was a problem sending a check (or any transaction), and immediately returned the funds to my account. Also, I expect the customer service to have a complete history of the transaction, not just "oh, well, we sent the money to the division that prints checks, so it must be your fault."

    I closed my account because of their predatory behavior!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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