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    • Dec 16, 2018
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    Cop Cam

    The commercial vs. what you actually get

    The commercial says, "Call now for your second upgrade."

    Now let me begin with what I received.

    Today I got 1 camera, 1 box. So I called the customer service and the man told me that UPGRADE TO ELITE = 2.

    1 Camera REGULAR upgraded to ELITE = a better camera in 1, which makes it, 2!

    $19.99 regular

    $19.99 elite

    Combined in 1 = $34.98

    1 shipping charge $9.99

    Total - $54.72.

    "You got what you ordered from us, am I clear now that I can talk!?" (Yes he said that in his Indian voice, which was a problem since he could barely understand my English as well.)

    I went, "What?"

    I preceded.

    The commercial says 2 cameras.

    He responds, "LIKE I JUST TOLD YOU!"

    But then I said, "WAIT! Let me talk now, I’m not finished. The IMAGE SHOWS 2 cameras, 2 cords, 2 clips. At $19.99 times 2 payments, and 1 shipping Charge...and I got 1 box with 1 camera, I cord (etc. etc.), and nowhere does it state, ELITE!"

    Then the man continued, "Ok, I see the problem, for $19.99 I will send you the additional camera, no shipping charge."

    That is what they mean by "additional charge."

    Then I asked, "so it’s not just an additional shipping charge to get the 2nd camera?"

    He responds, "NO, the commercial doesn’t say that you get the additional camera at the price of a shipping charge, it means $19.99."

    So the commercial leads you to believe that for 2 payments of $19.99 and 1 shipping charge that you get 2 cameras. Like the commercial says you get, including the photo imagery and all, it’s what it looks like, it’s what they say, even in the end.

    When you call to order, NOW, for this double order of cameras and it’s accessories, nowhere do they say anything different...and it’s automative, no human.

    Then I end up with this order, which was wrong and what the man tried to end the conversation and charges with...2 cameras equal 1 "elite" upgraded regular camera, as if it’s modified per order.

    The deal breaker was me stating, 2 cords, 2 clips, etc. accessories for 2 cameras and not just.

    The commercial is deceitful.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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