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    • Dec 20, 2018
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    Orenda Coffee

    A messy waste of time and money

    I ordered this in January of 2017 and received it in July of 2018. When I finally received it, I was able to get the app working right away, and brew coffee. The included French Press and Pour Over recipes both used a TON of coffee and resulted in very small and weak cups of coffee. Easy, the whole point of this thing is to be able to control the whole process precisely from the app, and even see other people’s recipes.

    Well, you can kind of customize things. You can create a recipe, using metric temperatures (even though F is shown), and select the amount of grounds (though I don’t think the scale is accurate, and time, up to three minutes, or total dissolved solids, depending on mode). There is no sharing, and the only way to edit the recipes is by selecting make stronger or more caffeine kick, not by altering the temp or time...there is no community sharing either.

    The end results after a bunch of trial and effort is a decent cup of coffee. I still think it uses tons of coffee, but you can get a decent cup of coffee out of the machine.

    The drawbacks are:

    1. It periodically loses the WiFi connection, and requires you to create another account with another email address, and you lose your recipes.

    2. It is messy. It kind of spews grounds and splashes coffee everywhere.

    3. About once a month it becomes hopelessly clogged and you have to take the bottom cover off the grinder (two screws) and chisel out the ground mess. The process isn’t that bad, but should be easier if this is a regular occurrence (which it is). It is only a couple of Torx screws, and requires you to empty the water (takes forever since it only seems to clog with a full water chamber). I use a bamboo skewer, the included brush, and a small shop vac to clean the "chute" and make sure the grinder can spin freely again.

    Note: Sometimes it is just a bean feed issue from the hopper and you can use a small zip tie to jostle the beans in the feeder.

    4. The coffee alarm or timed brewing does not work.

    Conclusion: Would I buy it again? No. Do I use it? Yes. But it is an over $400 reminder of why the saying "if something seems to good to be true, it probably is."

    If you are somewhat handy and have money to waste, this will result in a decent cup of coffee and an almost constant source of aggravation.


    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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