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    • Dec 22, 2018
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    Hagerty Insurance

    Did not repair windshield after shop messed up installation

    Overall Experience:

    Hello, I'm Jeff. I had purchased collector car insurance with Hagerty not even a year ago and it cost me 290 bucks, full coverage. Yahoo, right? So, that's for two cars too. Well, one 67 Tempest untouched car and a 66 LeMans under construction sorta, to say with nearly $20,000 in parts...nice cars.

    So, I woke up to find a windshield crack straight down the center of the LeMans one morning. I called Hagerty, I told them I knew a shop that did work for me before in the 90s called Linn's Auto Glass Conway, Arkansas, and I could take it there to get fixed. They said great, do that and have them fax us the invoice. They called me and told me the car was done, they sent in the invoice, and I picked up the car.

    I got home, inspected the windshield, and noticed they didn't install it correctly, they didn't space the windshield properly and the molding around the glass was not meshing properly, and the windshield was too far away from molding, they didn't use the proper spaces. So, I accepted the fact people make mistakes. So under the shop's advice when I picked up car, they said don't wash it for 24 hours. Then after the wait, I washed it and it leaked above the driver's side into the car. I took it back and they applied more if this RTV, they said was the best.

    Then when I left, I washed the car three days later and it leaked. They pulled apart "the molding" and found a hole where the molding clips where it is supposed to adhere to by these little nubs. But this nub was broken off. And I knew that when I first took it to them and told them here is the ribbon for the windshield and the new fasteners and the screws that take place of the nubs. Nothing was installed, just RTV, and without it even being properly spaced.

    I called them after that visit and said it's leaking still. I said at this point I think the best thing to do is remove the windshield and install it properly again. The shop "bill" said no, I'll just shove some more RTV in the leak. I said yeah, sure, so I'll bring you the car and when it's done and there is no leak, call me. He said great...

    I got off phone and thought I need to call Hagerty to let them know the windshield issue. I talked to Jesse, she was really nice to take all the info and let me submit the pictures to here and she on other hand was going to call the shop. Two days went by and I haven't heard anything from Jesse. I called the third day, asked for her, and was told she and some others were on lunch, and that they were getting someone else to talk to me. After a small hold time, a gentleman comes onto the phone and listens to the story as I told it to him. He comes back and tells me they already paid to get the windshield fixed and there's nothing else they can do for me. They said at this point their hands are washed from this deal.

    So, bottom line is, I paid for full coverage through Hagerty for classic car insurance. I somehow got a cracked windshield, I called my insurance company, Hagerty, and they told me to take it, get it fixed, and the shop screwed up the windshield installation and it leaks even. Hagerty refuses to go any further in helping out their customer and even states they're washing the hands on the deal, and if I am not satisfied with the shop, I need to take them to court. LOL, sounds pretty lame to me. I thought insurance companies were supposed to have your back. It's like this, as an example, I go and need a paint job on the entire car, a shop doesn't prep the primer right, I get a car wash and it chips off the car, to find the shop used finger paint, LOL, and Hagerty says well sorry, we did our part. LOL, in which they didn't do their part.

    Now, Hagerty also told me on the windshield thing that the reason their decision to not go further with this shop or claim I guess was because I used a shop that wasn't on their approval list. LOL, well, shouldn't they screen where I was talking the car to first hand? I would have. LOL.

    So here it is my plans. I'm am going to get the shop to do it right once and for all. Because if they don't, I can sue them, and I've never sued anyone before. But check this out, which I find funny as heck, my insurance through Hagerty for one year full coverage was 250 bucks or so. The shop charged them $500 to do the work, not to mention the shop told me $230 before I decided to use my insurance, LOL, but charged Hagerty $500.

    So, now after all this, do you think Hagerty has my back? LOL, I think they don't. And do you think they would in the future? I think that's another no. Well, that can be expected right! LOL, and just because these businesses can and have acted like this, I will ensure that someone (I guess the shop in this instance) is held accountable, and I'm pretty sure I could go after Hagerty.

    Now, I am thinking I should have just paid like I was going to do out a pocket to get windshield fixed? Well, the same thing would have happened I suspect, but I wouldn't have this nasty taste in my mouth about Hagerty. I paid $250 for the insurance, they paid $500 to fix the windshield and lost the customer because they refuse to enforce or hold the shop accountable. So, I already got one up on Hagerty. Or that shop does anyhow because I still have a windshield in my $15,000 worth of parts 66 LeMans, LOL. I just got off the phone with StateFarm, my other insurance, who said that wouldn't have happened if I had them still and that they will insure my cars for the same price and same coverage. So, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya, Hagerty...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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