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    • Jan 11, 2019
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    Endurance Auto Warranty

    Endurance LLC is a scam company - they will do anything to get out of paying

    I purchased a third-party used car warranty from Endurance Warranties LLC to cover our 2011 BMW over the phone about two years ago. I purchased the car with ~39K miles. A week ago we had the engine light come on and were not able to drive the car into the dealer. The adjuster came out to evaluate our claim and stated that we don't qualify for coverage because our tires are 10mm wider (275mm vs. original 265mm) than tires with which, I assume, came from the factory. Wheels and everything else is stock.


    Factory Tire Size, Front - 245/35/19 (ZCP Package).

    Factory Tire Size, Rear - 265/35/19 (ZCP Package).


    Tire Size, Front - 255/35/19.

    Tire Size, Rear - 275/35/19.

    We found the following excerpt from the policy document:

    "If any alterations have been made to Your Vehicle or You are using or have used Your Vehicle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, including but not limited to: the failure of any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications, lift kits (unless the appropriate option has been checked on the Application Page and surcharge paid), any tire that is not recommended by the original manufacturer if it creates an odometer/speedometer variance of greater than 4%, trailer hitches. Also not covered are any emissions and/or exhaust systems modifications, engine modifications, transmission modifications, and/or drive axle modifications, which includes any performance modifications."

    The variance that our tires create is within 1.04% from the original. So well within the specified tolerance of 4%. How we interpret this is that they must prove that our tires are NOT recommended by the original manufacturer; although the another "trim" of our model is sold with the front tires the same width as ours and the back tires an additionally 10mm wider than our back tires. I have a BMW master tech also stating the obvious that the tires on our car are well within BMW spec.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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