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    • Jan 11, 2019
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    Off The Record

    I trusted my 110 mph ticket on Off The Record...didn’t disappoint.

    I was on my way to work at 3:55 am on a Tuesday morning when I got a speeding ticket for going 110 mph in a 65 mph zone...yeah, I know, what was I thinking? But, anyways, when I got pulled over, I kindly explained to the officer why I was speeding and she reduced the speed to a 97 mph. Now going 31 mph+ over the speed limit is a court appearance, so yes, the officer told me I had to appear in court and plead guilty. She said if I plead non-guilty (basically, contest the ticket), she would appear in court. I didn’t know what to do. Now keep in mind that I had just got off a speeding ticket two months prior to this, so taking a BDI course was not an option. Afraid of what was going to happen if I just "wing it" in court, I decided to look for a professional - I sought after a traffic attorney.

    Off The Record was the cheapest option. I only paid $50 and an attorney reached out to me within an hour. I explained to her my case and she said I didn’t have to show up to the court hearing and that she’d take care of everything. I was shocked that she decided to handle my case for $50 considering I didn’t just get your average speeding ticket. I was talking to other traffic attorneys, and the price they wanted me to pay was at least $350.

    So, the outcome? My attorney pled no contest at the court hearing, and during the arraignment - was able to get me NO POINTS on my license; however, I do have to pay $500 (fine and court cost COMBINED) and take a 4-hour in-person driving school. I can live with that. Money comes and goes. It could have been a lot worse had I not used Off The Record, as I could have obtained 4 points and/or got my license suspended. Overall, I am happy with the outcome. Highly recommend.

    Moral of the story: Always use Off The Record when caught speeding...or just don’t speed I guess.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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