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    • Jan 16, 2019
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    Hearing Assist

    These work every bit as well as the ones my mother-in-law paid 6 grand for.

    Overall Experience:

    I've had progressive hearing loss, especially in my left ear, since (and probably before) I retired from the Police Department. It had gotten so bad that I would rather stay home on Saturdays than go out with our friends for dinner because I couldn't participate in the conversation. I couldn't talk on the phone at all using my left ear and could barely hear using my right. I saw a commercial for these devices and decided to give them a try as there is no way I can afford $6000.00 for hearing aids. I tried those cheap over the counter hearing amplifiers, but they were pretty much worthless. I mentioned these to my wife and, without telling me, she bought a set for me.

    When they arrived I charged them up and selected the proper ear cap after some trial and error got a perfect fit. After some more trial and error, I got them adjusted properly and was astounded. I did not realize how hard-of-hearing I had gotten. I can now hear sounds that I haven't heard in years. The volume setting on the bedroom TV went from 35 to 17 (probably why the wife was so anxious to buy them). I got the behind the ear model because it seems like the controls are easier to get to and I could care less about aesthetics.

    As far as performance, these work every bit as good as the ones my mother-in-law paid $6000.00 for and maybe even better in my opinion. She gave me her old set and, while they fit pretty well (I got new caps for them), they didn't work, for me at least, nearly as well as these do and I finally just donated them to the church. They mostly just squealed. Now, granted, they were older and not made for me, but you would have thought for six grand they would have worked at least marginally well.

    My wife is thrilled at not having to repeat herself three or four times every time she talks to me. As to their support that the guy was complaining about, I can't say as so far everything has worked out fine. If you're like me and experiencing some mild to moderate hearing loss give these a try, they have a 60-day trial period, so what do you have to lose?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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