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    • Jan 16, 2019
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    Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    CTCA would not accept me

    Overall Experience:

    In 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage 3a breast cancer - two diff types of malignant tumors, but had spread to my lymph under my arm, where doctors don't check and mammograms are never missed, a doctor exam or mammogram, since my mother died at 61 from breast cancer. I was 60. How the annual mammograms missed it each year is probably explained by when I ordered my last two mamm films from Baylor, the reading doctors did not exist. So I requested a meeting with a customer service manager. Hah! Turns out Baylor Women Imaging clinic's films were being OUTSOURCED! Sent by the Baylor computer to who? Each mamm film had three doctors names and no address - just California, New York, and Texas. Outsourced. We have no way to know if the films were ever looked at. I got a form letter each year that nothing suspicious was found. Yes, I guess they just overlooked the two tumors in my left breast, that would have shown up. Cancer in the lymph nodes may not, but the two tumors in my left breast certainly would have shown up.

    I called CTCA. A very nice woman called me back and asked me questions for about 8 hours. Very thorough. But the call I got the next day floored me - she said CTCA did not take my insurance. I had employer United Healthcare through my employer, Collin County Courthouse. Plus I was on my husband's Blue Cross from his employer, Emerson. Everything was always covered at 100% through the coordination of benefits. I told that to a local cancer support group at Cottonwood Church. Somebody said their brother was also turned away because his was Stage 4. Mine was 3a. They don't want patients that may not survive! How disappointing!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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