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    • Jan 20, 2019
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    Terrible company - total scam!

    On April 24th, 2018, a man came to my front door offering TruGreen services. I gave him a glass of water and we sat on my bench and discussed the prospect. I acquiesced to a single initial treatment to try the service out because the salesperson promised that two treatments, one for weeds and another to protect my fruit trees against bugs and fungus would cost me $40.

    It took them at least 3-5 attempts before they finally got the initial application done because I only hired them to treat my backyard, which is locked with a padlock. So despite coming time and again and treating just the front yard for weeds, they couldn't accomplish the treatment that I really hired them to perform. Finally, I called in again on May 3rd to explain that issue and on May 8th we finally connected and I let them in to complete the job in the backyard.

    On May 15th I called to cancel.

    The woman with whom I spoke argued with me so much, and was so difficult to deal with, and I told her time after time that:

    - I didn't want to pay any more and that.

    - I wanted to cancel and that,

    - no more charges should accrue and that,

    - I only wanted it for my backyard but that,

    - it's too difficult to provide them with the necessary access to perform the task.

    My clear understanding of the way things were left after that call was that they could absolutely NOT treat my property without my express permission in advance. She ultimately ignored my request to cancel altogether, because at some point in October I was alerted to ongoing charges on my account - despite never letting anyone into my backyard to treat it.

    Therefore on November 1st, I called in explaining that I only ever authorized a single treatment. Nevertheless, I kept receiving past-due bills. So I called back in again on December 3rd to complain about erroneous charges on my account and explained that:

    - These charges were not authorized, and that,

    - I don't consider them valid, and that,

    - they were performed without my permission,

    - on a part of the home that I didn't care about at all.

    Now, on January 18th, 2019, I'm being THREATENED by a COLLECTIONS AGENCY called Transworld Systems, Inc., on behalf of TruGreen, now jeopardizing my credit to recoup the $74+ that they racked up on my account after I canceled, purportedly applying treatments that I did not authorize, to a part of the home that I explicitly wouldn't pay for, after being misquoted the price and after all of this back-and-forth dialogue.

    Many of the dates in this account had to be retrieved from the company's records, which, among other things, don't reflect the many times they came out to treat my yard unsuccessfully because they missed me and thus couldn't gain access to the backyard. It's frustrating that I am expected to maintain such rigorous records of my dealings with a vendor because they can't be trusted to record things faithfully and to tell the truth.

    I would hire ANY local provider over this firm - you'll be better off, in the long run, no matter what, plus you'll be helping the local economy instead of making one of the 1% even richer. Caveat Emptor!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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