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    • Jan 20, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    Organized fraud!

    FRAUD ALERT! American Home Shield and its network of service companies are conducting an organized fraud! My furnace made a sound suddenly Friday night and stopped blowing hot air! I called the American Home Shield as my home warranty and submit a service request the next day. They assigned me Metropolitan Heating and Air Conditioning to come and check, once they been assigned, I looked them up on Google and saw all the bad reviews! I got worried and I decided to call AHS first thing on Monday to ask for another company. But to my surprise, Metropolitan called the same day and said they had an opening and could come over to take a look at the furnace in an hour! I thought wow, that was fast and sounds great! Because it was really cold and I didn't want to spend the weekend with no heater! So I agreed and I thought maybe those couple of 5 stars are true!

    He came in, acted very friendly and nice, opened the closet door to furnace, took a picture, closed the door and wrote on a paper that the unit needs to be replaced and gave me a copy and said he will submit it to the warranty company and it might take 7-10 days for replacing the unit, and he left, the whole thing was under 5 minutes! He DID NOT EVEN TRY to turn on the unit and see if it was working or not or what was the problem! I got really worried, but then I fooled myself, maybe he is very experienced! And sure enough, as everybody else mentioned on those bad reviews, I got a call from AHS saying your claim was rejected because the technician believes the problem was pre-existing! WHAT? I asked, "Based on what evidence? Do you mean that we've been in freezing cold weather with no heater for months? NONSENSE!" She had no answer and simply said that this is what the technician reported and we will go with that! She then said we can send another company for a second opinion, but if they say the same thing, that there is another $100 service fee, I asked her who would be the other company because I want to Google them before having them come in, she gave me another name and when I searched, guess what? Same reviews! I asked for another company, the same thing!

    She gave me 5 different names and they all had the same bad reviews about people paid the service fee for nothing! That is where I realized it's an organized fraud! They are just looking for the $100 service fee! $100 for 5 minutes doing basically NOTHING! That is good money! After that, I called Metropolitan to simply ask based on what he concluded that it was pre-existing? And sure enough, he did not answer and never returned my calls! I told the story to a friend of mine; he referred me to another technician that he knew, the guy came in and in 20 minutes fixed the furnace by replacing some wires for $180! My furnace is working even better than before now!

    I called them to cancel the contract, they give you a number to call to cancel and no one answers that phone!

    As the other reviewer suggested, I'm going to file with the state for this fraud as well! And I recommend everyone to do the same so we can stop these guys from rubbing people!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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