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Quip Floss Review

Quip Floss


Quip Floss comes in a sleek looking canister and makes flossing more aesthetically pleasing. I've used it for some time and share my experience below.

Quip Floss Review: Here's My Take On It

By Vlad Rappoport

Published on: Jul 16, 2020

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We’ve all heard that flossing is a vital part of our daily oral hygiene, in addition to brushing our teeth twice a day.

The American Dental Association suggests regularly flossing once daily. Flossing can help remove plaque in areas where toothbrushes typically can’t reach.

Flossing can help prevent tooth decay and other buildup that can lead to gum diseases and cavities.

I’ll be honest, in the past, I haven’t flossed as much as I should’ve, which probably resulted in more dentist visits than what otherwise could’ve been prevented had I flossed more regularly.

One product that appealed to me was quip refillable floss. I had a chance to use it as part of my daily routine and will share my experience and impression in this review.

By this time, you’re probably familiar with the quip toothbrush, which I also used for a while. I figured that since I was happy with the company's brush, they must have good standards for their floss as well.

My Experience

The quip floss packaging concept isn’t what you are used to seeing in traditional flossing brands.

Instead, it comes in a cylinder-shaped sleek looking and refillable dispenser that quite frankly, makes it a bit more exciting to floss as it gives off more of a “prestigious vibe”.

The floss dispenser comes in metal or plastic. For the metal, it comes in four color options: silver, slate, copper, and gold. I got the one in slate metal.

To use, I press on the top of the metal cylinder, and the dispenser slides out of the chamber and I pull the floss right out and can cut it against the built-in cutter.

The floss has green markers on it as indicators where you should cut. This ensures that you dispense an adequate length of floss for each session (18 inches/45.72 cm).

I found this subtle feature to be quite useful and was comfortable with the length of the string when I would floss each time.

The quip floss itself is on the thinner side, and not something I was initially used to when I began using it.

The width of Oral-B’s Glide floss string is probably one-sixth of a centimeter where quip is just as thin as a regular thread that goes through a needle.

quip floss thicknessThe thickness of quip floss compared to Oral-B. The image also shows the green marker on the quip floss. Image Credit: HighYa

Quip floss’ mint scent is also not as vibrant as my Oral-B glade has. The texture felt on my gums and between my teeth was slightly different at first too.

The difference in thickness, softer scent, and texture of quip’s floss were not deal breakers, but it definitely took a few moments of getting used to at first.

What Is the Cost?

When purchased directly from the quip’s website:

  • Metal dispenser with prefilled floss: $20
  • Plastic dispenser with prefilled floss: $10

You will also receive a floss refill for your dispenser every 3 months for $5.

The three month supply is based on flossing once a day for 90 days and is equivalent to roughly 45 yards (1,620 inches) while Oral-B Glide is 48.1 yards.

The Bottom Line

Despite the need to get used to quip floss after using another brand for so long, the difference in the initial feel and texture were not stumbling points.

In the end, I was rather satisfied with the result of the floss and felt it got everything out from between my teeth as any other brand would.

To some extent, because the floss is thinner, it was easier to insert it in between my teeth and get the debris out.

I can’t say that quip’s floss performed any worse than the leading brands I’ve used for years.

The value of auto refilling for $5 every three months is great, and the whole experience with quip's floss dispenser is aesthetically pleasing. I highly recommend it.

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