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    • Jul 2, 2019
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    Updated: Authentic and legitimate review, now after 9 months!

    Overall Experience:

    Today marks somewhere around six to nine months. I have no issues that would make anyone even consider I have ever had prostate issues. Any evidence of slow drippy frustration is long gone and I am more of a fan than ever! I give permission to ProstaGenix to have you call me if you think I am not being truthful about this review. AMAZING! YAHOOOEEEEE!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 28, 2019

    Authentic and legitimate review

    Dear readers,

    I am not a robot or someone that posts for any self-gratification except for the fact that I would enjoy for others to experience the results I experience with ProstaGenix. I am even one that questioned the legitimacy of Larry King's endorsement until I reviewed all of the products and came back to this one and took the chance that I will not regret. I am so in favor of this product I would have posted my phone number and email address to testify of how awesome it works.

    How does it work exactly? I was in such bad shape I thought I would need one of those men's cup napkins in the feminine hygiene aisles, pee running down my leg and only getting worse. No matter what I did, I couldn't make it stop! Well, after 21 days, I began to notice something amazing, it was so significantly reduced, it couldn't have been anything else. In another 10-15 days, it had almost stopped altogether, I could even wear light colored pants without stains or wet spots! Today after three months, the benefits are still noticeable in that all that shaking and dancing I did to empty is no longer necessary.

    I challenge anyone to take the jump that I did! I have heard all the products don't work on everyone but I was always the guy that other products never worked on so maybe it will work for you, it did me! I do still wake up once a night, but then again, I drink much more water than most people! I told ProstaGenix to contact me anytime if I can help because helping them really will help you. We are men, we need to hang together, and if I can help one other person, I'll be happy! Good job ProstaGenix! I may be your biggest fan!

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