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    • Jan 23, 2019
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    Sani Sticks

    They don't work!

    Overall Experience:

    I bought a pack of 60 orange Sani Sticks in July of 2017 from seeing a commercial on HSN for $19.95, which I thought was a deal, no tax, and no shipping and handling. After I got them I put one down in the drain every month in my bathroom sink drain until the odor went away and the drain would stop being sluggish, it took about three months.

    Every time the pipes would start stinking I’d put one down for about three months to stop the smell and unclog my sluggish drain. Little did I know that they were just collecting in our pipes and not dissolving at all. My husband just today took the pipe out and found all the Sani sticks that I’d put in the drain, almost 12 months’ worth. They had swollen into a sponge-like mess that backed up in the pipe until no water would drain out. Several of them had broken into small pieces that hadn't dissolved.

    Don’t waste your money - they don’t work, they don’t dissolve even though the description says that they are all natural and are biodegradable, they’re supposed to be "drain cleaning and sanitation sticks specially created to stop greasy buildup, and even dissolves hair, food, organic deposits, and other things. These sticks are so concentrated that can effectively prevent your drains from clogging" but THEY AREN’T, THEY DON’T! Since I bought them almost two years ago, I have to eat the $19.95 I spent to get five packs of 12 sticks each of orange scented Sani Sticks. WHAT A RIP OFF!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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